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Xining Experimental High School of Beijing Normal University

In November 20th, plans to invest 340 million yuan of Beijing Normal University Xining experimental middle school in the north area of our city Baoziwan village started.

the project is one of the key projects of the city’s two phase of the adjustment of education, with a total area of 200 acres, planning construction area of 144 thousand square meters, plans to put into operation within two years. School planning includes teaching building, comprehensive building, student dormitory, canteen, teacher apartment, kindergarten, teacher training center, museum etc.. Project by the municipal government to provide land, part of the cause of the preparation and provision of financial wages. The project started, marking the introduction of high-quality brand school, the introduction of private capital into the cause of Education officially launched. The school plans to build and put into use within two years, will become the largest province in the province, the most complete facilities and strong teachers of private schools. The school has a total of 60 classes, of which 20 junior high school classes, high school classes in the class of 2400 students can be admitted to the same time, the nature of the school for the people to help complete the boarding school. In the construction, the school will use the modern new Chinese style architectural style, the novel and unique enclosed layout, with the exquisite landscape design, forms the high and low scattered, the broad atmosphere campus layout. read more