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n the next three years the courts of our province will gradually realize the information disclosur

  if you want to understand the court’s ruling documents, you can now go to the "Chinese referee network" view. In December 5th, reporters from the Provincial Higher People’s court learned that in the next three years, our province court will strengthen the platform construction, and actively promote judicial openness, gradually realize the judgment documents, public trial process, the implementation of information disclosure.

is currently in our province the first batch of open access referee instruments are more than and 100, the provincial court spokesman said that the province will use the Supreme Court has built China judgment document network, gradually realize the three level court in accordance with the law to the public documents all public access. In order to improve the quality of the documents, to further enhance the judicial skills and professional quality of judges, to ensure the correct and uniform application of the law, to maintain the authority of judicial adjudication. read more

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334 pieces of public opinion echoed the proposal landing

Since the eleven session of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the

has received a total of 431 proposals, including a total of 390 proposals for the meeting, with a total of more than 41 proposals in peacetime. After the examination of 334 cases and all received and answered, filing rate of 77.5%, compared with previous years, a decrease of nearly 20%.

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Kumbum Monastery Tibet hospital medical team to carry out the clinic tour Jigzhi County

to further consolidate and develop socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony, promote national unity and progress of the thought foundation and the mass foundation more solid, maintain the good situation of the national unity and harmony and common development, promote the sound and fast economic and social development, Jigzhi County in the province on sing together to create a demonstration of unity and progress the first area of national occasion, vice chairman of the CPPCC Huangzhong County Kumbum Monastery, invited the provincial director of the CMC Zong Kang Buddha and Huangzhong County CPPCC Committee Chairman Zhang Shihui led the medical team to the hospital in the Kumbum Monastery county open exhibition tour clinic activities. read more

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The typical experience of the pilot study on the practice of the Party branch of Xining Xin Le commu

Xining xnle community party branch in the study and practice activities in the pilot work, the people’s livelihood, serving the people, especially the care of vulnerable groups as the starting point, carry out the study and practice of the foothold, to serve the people the truth as the starting point, and strive to build a community of love, and achieved tangible results.

Since the

learning practice activities, community party branch promptly set up a leading group to study the practice and working mechanism, determine the theme of the activities for the pilot program, to determine the practice carrier to continue to emancipate the mind and accelerate scientific development, improve services, expand service areas, to build a harmonious and civilized community ". To focus on learning, lectures to area resident members, the flow of Party members to go out to take telephone, send information to take the free school door, home exchange way for the frail party, to expand the coverage of the study and practice activities. Community party cadres Street home, through listening, speaking, visit, send form, in-depth understanding of the difficulties of the masses, area residents to solicit opinions from the masses and to answer questions, to find a solution to the residents of the masses for the serious and urgent problems and influence the life of the masses. Community Party branch held a forum to take, individual talks, visits to the masses, suggestion boxes, issuing questionnaires and other methods, in area units, retired cadres, residents, community representatives of team members to solicit opinions and suggestions, to find the problem, laid the foundation for a clear rectification direction. read more

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Xining key units of fire safety four ability to start construction

August 13th, Xining city in the province to hold fire key units "safety in Xining city four abilities" building standards mobilization meeting, asked all units to build a "social self management, self education and self service and self supervision" new pattern of fire. As a symbol, Xining fire safety key units of the four ability to start construction.

Xining city fire brigade, Xining City Fire Department at all levels to carry out the activities, to improve the Xining city authorities, organizations, enterprises and institutions of the fire safety "four abilities", namely the examination and rectification of fire hazards, recovery ability and guide the initial fire evacuation escape ability, self education and training ability. Strive to make the Xining city social unit fire organization to further improve the system, to further clarify the duties of fire control work, give full play to the "four abilities" model unit hire, strengthens the social "four abilities" propaganda, strengthen the functional departments of the joint guidance of the "four abilities" construction. read more

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World champion boost fitness craze

the morning of July 26th, sponsored by the State General Administration of sports Gymnastics Sports Management Center, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau and the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau 2015 aerobics fitness service for the world champion Qinghai station activities launching ceremony held.

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The Yellow River Trinidad line in Xining to start the event

on the evening of June 26th, sponsored by the Xining municipal government, the Yellow River Trinidad line meet in Xining, the event in the Central Plaza stage curtain. The Yellow River River Basin Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Hohhot, Ji’nan and the mouth of the 8 cities of Dongying Tourism Bureau and Tourism Association will work together to build the the Yellow River Trinidad line.

as the capital city of Xining, the source of the Yellow River in recent years, focus on the construction of international well-known plateau Landscape Garden Tourism City ", the tourism industry and the expansion of domestic demand, stimulate consumption, promote investment, promote employment, improve the combination of cultural soft power, strengthen coordination, change the mode of development, promote development the quality of the city’s tourism products are increasingly rich, tourism infrastructure more perfect, to further improve the reception capacity, great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital of Xining" brand effect, attraction and influence is growing. Xining as a tourist gateway to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau status has been further consolidated. read more

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Xining power supply department will set up a safety net

Green Fair is approaching, in order to ensure the Green Fair opening ceremony during the exhibition venues and equipment supply lines, "zero defect" operation, Xining power supply department to carry out the investigation and inspection equipment hidden line.

June 6th, the reporter learned that, as the power supply during the Green Fair, Xining power supply department specially organized forces of the substation, power lines and equipment to carry out safety inspection, found defects in time, ensure that the power supply line, equipment of "zero defect" operation. In addition, also increase the remediation efforts and channel the external environment of the substation, to strengthen security measures around the construction site, cranes and other large equipment to avoid the blackout, to secure the power delivery channel smoothly. Xining power company official said, at present, has been on the Exhibition Center for power lines and equipment carried out a dragnet inspection, found hidden, notify the user timely rectification, to nip in the bud. At the same time, in order to ensure the power supply during the green in no danger of anything going wrong consistent, Green Fair City International Convention and Exhibition Center of main and auxiliary venues were double power supply, high power emergency team consists of more than 20 professionals and a 350 kW generator car on standby, ready to respond to emergency stop event. read more

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The spirit of China Xining women’s Federation held a female style contest

March 5th, Xining Chaoyang District, north of the city square and cheers bustling, for the 100 anniversary of the "38" International Women’s day, women’s Federation organized the "spirit of China Passion" female style contest.

contest in Bao Village Baoziwan town peasant woman show "kicked off" imposing percussion, gongs and drums out their female farmers in the new rural construction style, also out of their beautiful new life; brought by North District inspectors aerobics "happy" to show the cleaners the new age female inspectors style; by "Shuangxue Shuangbi" female experts, twenty shop villagers Bao Guangping established women’s fitness team performing "Kung Fu Fan" off the audience climax; song and dance "story of spring", "India Festival", "touch", "bracelet girl Kara" and other programs. A vivid demonstration of the women in Xining city in the economic and social development plays a role of "half the world"; a wonderful program, also express the women’s common aspiration: to a more positive attitude, more Full of enthusiasm, more pragmatic spirit, the construction of Xining more prosperous, more beautiful. read more

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Provincial second inspection teams to the Provincial Tourism Development Committee feedback situatio

11 29, 2009, the provincial inspection team to the Provincial Tourism Development Committee of the Party committee feedback second special inspections. Leader Liu Jianqing to the party secretary of the Party committee, director Terry Chui conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the Party leadership had feedback. Terry Chui presided over the meeting and made a statement. read more