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Xining city food and drug supervision and Management Bureau held the city food and drug regulatory s

recently, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration held the city food and drug regulatory system construction work of the forum, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau), City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the third discipline committee leadership and the District, County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau and the food and drug morals duty supervisor was invited to guide the work of. The district and county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau is mainly responsible for the director of the Institute and the health supervision, the Council leadership team members and subordinate units, the offices responsible person to attend the meeting. read more

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Xining people gradually improve the quality of civilization

Beautiful environment, good traffic order, clean sanitation, tourism in a clean and beautiful environment, as a tourist perception and will consciously abide by civilized conventions, in March this year, the city has launched the "environmental comprehensive regulation" hundred days of action, slow blocking Paul Chang and rectification work and effectively improve and enhance the city’s tourism environment, people’s quality of civilization under the guidance of the government and the media, is gradually improving. read more

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Province has a total of 219 thousand and 800 public rental housing allocation

reporter recently learned from the provincial housing and urban construction department was informed that, in recent years, our province to increase the allocation of public rental housing in the schedule, as of the end of August, the province’s allocation of public rental occupancy totaled 219 thousand and 800 units, allocated proportion is 79.46%, 9204 sets of new occupancy distribution.

it is reported that, in order to further improve the allocation of public rental occupancy rate, our province will further improve the allocation of public rental management approach, combined with the development of new urbanization and household registration system reform process, appropriate to relax the access conditions, lower application threshold. Start the application to accept the work, broaden the application channels, the implementation of the normalization of acceptance, improve audit efficiency, speed up the allocation of public rental housing. At the same time, supporting infrastructure projects, overall use of state subsidies, the infrastructure will be in place as soon as possible; the completion of delivery has not been allocated for the project, to formulate the corresponding rent plan as soon as possible to complete the assigned occupancy; not the completion of the project, the implementation of pre distribution measures, in the 3 months before completion of preparation with rent, rent in advance to start the program, complete the assigned work in 1 months after the project completion and acceptance. read more

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The first high speed construction of water transport completed by the end of 2017

I focus on the transportation construction project of Xunhua province to the longwuxia gorge section of highway is the national highway 310 line (Lianyungang Republic) and an important part of our province highway network planning in Linxia to the Republic of the highway, will be built in Gansu and Qinghai to strengthen communication links, further development and utilization along an important channel of yellow economic zone. Project started construction in June, the current 8 tunnels across the board and the construction of a total of 25 bridges. As the line across the reservoir, which has become the province’s first use of water transport construction of the highway. It is understood that the 310 National Highway from Xunhua to longwuxia gorge section of highway, a total length of 40.38 kilometers, the investment budget of 4 billion 592 million yuan, is located in the territory of Xunhua province and Longhua County, the line across the steep terrain and fractured rock and seismic faults in the Gongboxia reservoir, is a typical plateau, reservoir, mountain, valley highway. In order to solve the construction of the reservoir area and the operation of the power of the latter part of the road, more than 1300 builders set up a 31 km long power line on the steep mountains. At the same time, 1 million 380 thousand tons of steel into the reservoir, cement, sand and stone, as well as all the tunnel slag, etc. through water transport. In order to solve the difficulties in the construction machinery, equipment, materials and personnel transportation in the reservoir area, the construction company has built 6 ships, and has built up a total of 5 terminals along the coast of the reservoir area. According to reports, since the start of the project, the construction units to overcome difficulties, to promote the progress of the project. Among them, Gongboxia reservoir 13.41 km road is a section of the road construction is the most dangerous and most difficult, this section of the road has 6 tunnels and 6 bridges, bridge and tunnel ratio as high as 93%. As of now, the construction project has been basically completed. This road is planned to be completed by the end of 2017, will play an important role in optimizing the regional road network structure, and promote economic and social development in ethnic minority areas along the line.   read more

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The newly revised Qinghai province Huangshui River Basin water pollution prevention and control regu

twelve session of the Standing Committee of the sixth meeting of the "Qinghai province Huangshui River Basin Water Pollution Control Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), effective January 1, 2014. The newly revised "Regulations" implemented, will provide more targeted and operational regulations for the prevention and control of water pollution in Huangshui River basin.

is the largest in the Yellow River Huangshui River in Qinghai Province, a tributary of the. Huangshui River Basin is the province’s political, economic, cultural, transportation, finance, education center, and the center of life is living. Huangshui River Basin water pollution control work is not only related to the Huangshui valley along the people’s production and life and health and life safety, but also related to the sustainable development of economy, social development of Huangshui River basin. read more

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Qingming travel these sections should pay attention to

Tomb-sweeping Day is our Chinese nation’s traditional festival, we will probably be grave, hikers travel together, then road and road traffic, traffic will show a peak, is most likely to motor vehicle drivers speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving, drunk driving time, security risks will be more prominent, vulnerable to traffic accidents. April 1st, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps issued Qingming Festival traffic safety tips.During the

– traffic, traffic flow surge. Xining, Huangnan, Hainan, Haidong surrounding area, and other personnel in Haibei Haixi return to Xining together, traffic will increase dramatically, road traffic congestion in Xining City, to ensure smooth pressure.

– the large Cemetery Road, especially around the city of Xining Lantau Peak cemetery, Xining martyrs cemetery cemetery cemetery, Xishan, people road traffic increases Chizuru cemetery.

– most of the self driving tourists to travel in and near distance; operating buses, tourism charter passenger traffic also will show a rising trend. Long distance travel, travel brings unfamiliar road conditions, vehicle failure, stop the road to ask for directions, reversing retrograde node congestion problems will increase.

– Highway: April 3rd is expected to 17 PM to 20 pm, Xining surrounding highway toll station will usher in the first peak, in April 6th 17 to 20, will usher in the return peak around. Daily 8 to 10 toll stations around the entrance of Xining, the daily toll from 17 to 20 toll stations will usher in a small peak today.

– easy to block roads

*: Xinghai road 214 line 313 kilometers to 327 kilometers (Elashan mountain), long distance continuous turning downhill, the road traffic accident occurred on the larger; * 214 state line road, 351 km to 335 km (Jiang Lu Ling Road), long distance continuous turning downhill; Xing sea to Tongde. Highway 39 km to 44 km, 54 km;
read more

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Xining city sanitation workers to move to the new home at the end of the year

these days, in an alley in the mill village in the city area, 2 6 storey building quietly built, white walls, bright house, smooth floor, toilet and kitchen in front of the building there is a Goods are available in all varieties., spacious parking lot. Who would have thought that this is the city to the sanitation workers in a new home, but also the province’s first sanitation workers apartment.

was able to move into a new home years ago!" Sanitation workers in the urban area of the clock or sitting in the dark old house, while washing vegetables and colleagues just chat about the day, talking about the new apartment on their faces are smiling flowers. Bell rose more than and 10 years ago came to Xining to do sanitation workers, has been rented in the basement, because the place is too small to put down a bed and a table, pots and pans and other kitchen utensils stacked on the table. These problems have moved into the new house to solve the." City District Urban Management Bureau Yang Hailong said, the sanitation workers for the public to create a clean, comfortable and beautiful living environment and working environment, and their living environment has been very poor, the construction of sanitation workers apartments will help them solve practical difficulties in life. read more

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Spring Festival unannounced visits sounded the alarm style

During the Spring Festival in

work discipline is normal, whether the cadres and workers to enter the working state, the work style is good, window units service is satisfactory, for the masses to work whether warm reception. During the Spring Festival, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection thorough investigation, on the new year style "alarm", a problem immediately exposed, remind, warned Party cadres county and municipal units, with practical action to prove Xining in the style of the building will never end, and unremittingly attitude and dare to move really tough action "sword" determination, prison building style defense, to further promote the normalization, long-term oriented style construction. read more

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Xining to promote the construction of water ecological civilization to create an ideal living enviro

Around the beautiful scenery around the eyes, bridges people, this is your ideal city living environment? In recent years, with the development of the province’s ecological environment, more and more people in Xining feel that the city has become beautiful. This year, Xining will accelerate the Beichuan River, Nanchuan River Wetland Park, such as the progress of the project, to promote water ecological civilization construction.

– Xining to build a comprehensive water ecological civilization city

– North and South rivers built city corridor

– the construction of wetland landscape change

"start the implementation of the Huangshui River National Wetland Park protection project, the implementation of Beichuan, sea lake, Lake three Ning 6000 acres of wetland construction, carry out a comprehensive national water ecological city pilot work." In this year’s report on the work of the Xining municipal government, Wetland Park protection has also been included in the focus of ecological work. Xining Lake in the construction of artificial wetlands, the future will not only become a major cultural landscape of Xining, and its greater significance lies in the conservation of water resources, the ecological function of water purification. In addition to start the implementation of the construction of three artificial wetland, Xining city will also implement the national wetland protection project construction, plans to complete construction in 2020.

– water ecological civilization pattern fully formed

read more

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Xining police to strengthen clean government education

in order to further strengthen the police party ideals and beliefs and sense of purpose, political enthusiasm and arouse the enthusiasm of Party members and police officer of entrepreneurship, Xining city traffic police detachment from April to the end of this year, in order to carry out "firm belief, faith, faith" as the core of the clean government education activities in the whole Party police detachment.
is more solid and effective to carry out this activity, the detachment has established a special leading group, responsible for carrying out the activities. And formulated a clean government education activities to implement the program, clear responsibilities and tasks, put forward the work requirements.

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