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first_imgDiscover green Istria by bike is the name of the project whose joint promotion was started by the Tourist Boards of Žminj, Kanfanar and Svetvinčenat in cooperation with Pedalistra.Thus, from May 29 to September 15, foreign and domestic guests of these three municipalities will discover the beauties of untouched nature, taste gastronomic delicacies, become part of revived history, but also enter the Earth’s surface on Pedalistra wheels.The first bike tour is called the Henry Morgan Trail as early as this Tuesday, May 29, in Kanfanar, starting at 16 p.m. During this period, a bicycle path named after pirate captain Henry Morgan will pass on Tuesdays. The day is dedicated to the Municipality of Kanfanar, so participants will be able to enjoy the medieval Dvigrad, Istrian fuži and the Lim Channel. Wednesday is reserved for the Žminj Story, ie a 16 km long tour. On this section, cyclists will stop to visit the cave Feštinsko kraljevstvo, taste the cheese of the famous family dairy Latus and relax with a cup of Žminj coffee. Every Thursday, cyclists will visit the Svetroscent Castle Morosini Grimani, the medieval theme park Sanc. Michael in Rapanja and enjoy a medieval dinner.A leaflet was also published in German and English with information on cycling tours and sites that promote the specifics of each of the three municipalities. News and experiences of participants of bicycle tours can be followed on social networks, and all those who want to ride on two wheels through the Istrian greenery can announce the Pedalistra and the tourist boards of these three municipalities.Synergy of public and private sectorThe synergy of the public and private sectors, so rare, and so logical, natural and obligatory, that is how things should work.This is an excellent example of synergy, support and cooperation between the public and private sectors among neighboring municipalities. In this way, the guests from Svetvincenat and Kanfanar will find out everything about Žminj’s Bartulja, the Žminj teče (ka) race or the Zad kaštela Pasta Festival via a leaflet. Of course, and vice versa, guests who participate in the tours, regardless of which one they choose, will receive information on Ivanja, the Medieval Festival, Lavender Day, the Istrian Cargo Festival or the Svetvinčenat Cheese Festival, as well as the Kanfanar Jakovlja, Fužijadi, Istrian buckets or Dvigrad outdoor weekend.Again, so important is the joint promotion of the whole destination or in this case the three Municipalities, which we can certainly put in the category of endemic species. Together they are stronger, there is no competition and only in this way can everyone grow and offer quality, diverse and authentic content. Especially when we know that rarely any tourist destination can keep and fill the guest with more than two or three days. It is in the content that the key to success is. Guests do not see our invisible borders between cities and counties, for them the destination is first Croatia, then Istria and only then a city. That is why it is necessary to brand regions; Istria, Dalmatia, Kvarner, Slavonia… Just imagine how much content and tourist stories the whole of Dalmatia or Istria has to offer, and how much of Zadar or Pula on its own?One of the best examples of synergy is the clusters of north-western Istria, Colors of Istria, which, through the joint cooperation of all tourist participants, generate excellent tourist content, which they successfully fill before and after the season. Well done to the Tourist Boards of Žminj, Kanfanar and Svetvincenat who realized that only joint efforts can succeed as well as such an important cooperation with the private sector – this is the only winning combination and only in this way can a quality tourist destination.To conclude, synergy to quality content is the only winning formula.Related news:ISTRIA OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE EXAMPLE OF TOURISM DEVELOPING STRATEGICALLY. THE MAGIC WORD IS SYNERGYFIND OUT WHY ISTRIA WINE & WALK IS ONE OF THE BEST TOURIST STORIES IN CROATIAlast_img

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