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in order to create a good living environment for the residents of the area, in September 11th, the city’s environmental protection department of the region’s nuclear technology to the use of radiation safety conducted a comprehensive inspection.

it is understood that there are 5 hospitals in the region of class III ray device, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau, Xining Public Security Department of the radiation device 6, West Railway Station bus station x-ray device, 1 units. The inspection data access and on-site inspection, from the inspection situation, all units have paid more attention to ray device using radiation safety management work, in addition to the 2 new X-ray device did not apply for radiation safety permit, all for the radiation safety license, there is no radiation big security risks.

inspection for the full grasp of the North X ray radiation safety equipment for the comprehensive improvement of the north of the city to the level of the safety monitoring device has laid a solid foundation. During the inspection, inspection personnel of radiation safety, the system is not perfect, the protective measures are not implemented, accounting is not perfect, put forward rectification requirements a unit emergency is not perfect, so that the radiation safety regulations and professional requirements.


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