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to let the local people eat at ease "made in Qinghai" estate processed food, Qinghai province Longsheng industrial group invested nearly 30 million yuan in the biotechnology industry park to build the province’s first green food assured tofu processing and distribution center. In the pure green, non polluting, Qinghai manufacturing concept, and strive to create a healthy green high-quality food, food safety for consumers to build a good defense.

it is understood that, as the province’s only access to the national green food and beverage enterprises, Longsheng industrial group, is committed to green, rest assured that food processing and promotion. In August 2011, the company raised about twenty million yuan, in the biological science and Technology Industrial Park, new building area of 6408 square meters of food processing and distribution center project, is a set of food processing and distribution center, central kitchen, staff training for the integrated base. Processing varieties have tofu, dehydrated vegetables, livestock products and semi-finished products, such as more than 20 kinds. Among them, the Dragon rose spicy cabbage, bean curd tofu by consumers.

this year in particular, Longsheng group in support of the relevant government departments, the introduction of complete sets of bean products processing production equipment advanced across the country, investment of about two million yuan from Beijing on a new advanced automatic production line of tofu. In order to ensure the quality of tofu, soybeans, black beans excellent purchased from the northeast as raw materials, in strict accordance with the national food hygiene standards, full use of sterile production, green nutrition produced tofu curd, Soybean Milk, Marinated Tofu, bean curd, tofu and other products. At present, processing assured tofu is listed on the Xining Mo street market and three market, greatly recognized by people.


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