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in order to solve the old residential district of Xining City, the basic conditions of unmanned management, Xining city issued "opinions" of Xining City, the old district comprehensive renovation work, formulate a specific modification scheme, aims to make Xining city through the transformation of the existing infrastructure conditions better than old residential landscaping, lighting, landscaping, purification, clean and smooth housing residents, the realization of "Four Haves". This is the reporter from the Xining municipal government held a meeting on July 3rd learned.

Xining old residential area 669, an area of 4 million 920 thousand square meters, with a population of 77 thousand and 500 households. The old district for the district’s management, due to the construction of the old, common planning, design standard is low, the water pipe network leakage, the roof leaks, part of the building wall weathering cracking, electrical aging equipment, residential roads without hardening, no lights, the lack of some residential property services space, unattended residents eager to solve the problem.

last year, the old city of Xining will be put on the agenda of the transformation work, and learn from the successful experience of other provinces, developed a comprehensive transformation of the old city of Xining, the implementation of the views of the work.

in the property management, will set up a non-profit community service center in the community, responsible for the management of old residential area without health, order maintenance, equipment maintenance and maintenance of basic facilities and basic services. At the same time, according to the comprehensive improvement of housing, environment, facilities, the owners or occupiers of the economic capacity, the follow-up to the management mode of flexible, respect the wishes of the residents, the implementation of market-oriented property management, property management, community service center owners autonomous management of different modes of property management, property services as an important part of the management of the city, into the platform of city management, to ensure the long-term property of full coverage.

by the end of 2013, Xining City, the city’s old residential property service mode will be implemented, and gradually establish a long-term service mechanism, lack of service to solve the basic problems of realizing service subject, garbage removal, order maintenance, routine maintenance of the "four" service targets, the living environment and quality of the residents of old residential quarters the further improvement, the basic realization of full coverage of property services. (author: Wu Yachun)

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