Ottawa faces pressure to examine historic figures celebrated in Canada

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first_imgOTTAWA – The federal government is facing increased pressure from Indigenous advocates to confront how historical figures are celebrated in Canada following the passage of a motion by an Ontario teachers’ union calling for the removal of Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from elementary schools in the province.A bigger conversation needs to unfold nationally about the role of historic figures in the “dark realities of colonialism”, NDP MP and Indigenous affairs critic Romeo Saganash said Friday, adding it is the responsibility of Ottawa to begin this dialogue “in the spirit of reconciliation” with Indigenous Peoples.“I also think there should be a priority placed on education regarding historic figures from the Indigenous community, which should include putting their names on important buildings,” he said in a statement.Saganash, a residential school survivor, supported Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to remove the name of Hector-Louis Langevin, a father of Confederation, from the Ottawa building that houses the Prime Minister’s Office.Trudeau made the announcement in June after Indigenous MPs and Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde called for the change because Langevin was an architect of the residential school system.“We’ve heard from you and the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) and from many indigenous communities over the past year that there is a deep pain in knowing that … building carries a name so closely associated with the horror of residential schools,” Trudeau said at the time.Bellegarde said he is personally encouraged Canadians are finally speaking about the harsh truths of the country’s past, including about how prominent leaders like Macdonald did not always have respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples.The federal government helped to facilitate this process by renaming the Langevin Block near Parliament Hill, he added, noting he also commends the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario for its motion.“We are not revising history, it is about being honest about our true history,” he said in an interview. “You can look at the history of Canada in a more comprehensive way and have the truth be taught.”Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, however, does not have the same assessment of the union’s motion.In a statement, she said it “missed the mark”, noting Macdonald contributed greatly to the creation of a stable federal government for Canada as a founding father of Confederation and as the country’s first prime minister.Metis National Council President Clement Chartier said Friday he is neutral on the motion, adding he believes there are far more important issues to address, including the exclusion of Metis residential schools from the residential school settlement agreement.“We can’t undo history,” he said. “Macdonald was a father of Confederation. He did have a role to play. While it may have negatively impacted the Metis Nation, I’m sure it did some good for other Canadians. There has to be a balance to it as well.”A spokesperson for Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said the federal government will engage with Indigenous groups on how to correct historical wrongs, adding it must “seize this opportunity” to acknowledge Canada’s past was from perfect.“All levels of government have a responsibility to promote dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to continue towards the path of reconciliation,” press secretary Pierre-Olivier Herbert said in a statement.—Follow @kkirkup on Twitterlast_img read more

Winnipeg mayoral candidate facing racist attacks

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first_imgAPTN National NewsRobert Falcon-Ouelette is running for mayor of Winnipeg.He’s Cree, Metis and bilingual.So, when a debate was held in the city’s French Quarter, he spoke in French.At the time, it seemed like the thing to do and he never expected it to draw a personal attack against his race and culture.APTN’s Ntawnis Piapot has this story.last_img

Thunder Bay library to offer course in Ojibway

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first_imgAPTN National NewsStudents across the country are back to school this week.One Thunder Bay teacher has started a unique course.APTN’s Wayne Rivers has the story.last_img

Trinamool’s Mahua Moitra declares Rs 2.64-cr assets

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first_imgKolkata: Investment banker-turned-legislator Mahua Moitra, who is a Trinamool Congress candidate from West Bengal’s Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency, has declared movable assets worth over Rs 2.64 crore, including bank deposits in the United Kingdom. Moitra had shown more than Rs 2.5-crore movable assets in 2016, while contesting the Assembly elections from Karimpur in Nadia district. In the latest affidavit filed before the Election Commission (EC), the 44-year-old MLA has declared Rs 5,000 cash and Rs 1.43 crore in banks deposits in India, besides a bank balance of over Rs 1.30 lakh in a branch of National Westminster Bank, commonly known as NatWest, in London. Moitra, who has worked as a Vice President of JP Morgan in the UK, possesses a 3.2 carat diamond ring worth Rs 70 lakh, 150 grams of gold valued at Rs 5 lakh, various silver items including vase, tea and dinner set and others worth Rs 5.68 lakh, and art pieces valued at Rs 25 lakh, and a car, which she bought in 2016. After leaving her cushy job, she joined politics in September 2008, when Rahul Gandhi drafted her in the Youth Congress as a state coordinator for his “Aam Aadmi Ka Sipahi” project. Two years later, she switched to the Trinamool Congress. Moitra, a graduate in economics and mathematics from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, claims that she does not own any immovable property. According to her affidavit, she owes over Rs 6.71 lakh to a bank in a vehicle loan. She has also declared that there is no pending criminal case against her.last_img read more

Appointment of Latvian judge boosts ranks on UN tribunal for the Balkan

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The appointment of Uldis Kinis to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia brings the total number of ad litem (or temporary) and reserve judges serving on the ICTY to 16, the maximum amount approved last month by the Security Council. Judge Kinis, 54, will join Judge Alphons Orie (presiding) and Judge Elisabeth Gwaunza, another ad litem judge, on the trial bench sitting on the so-called Gotovina and others case. The trial of Ante Gotovina and two other Croatian generals, Ivan Cermak and Mladen Markac, who face a series of war crimes charges related to the events of a 1995 offensive in Croatia, is scheduled to begin tomorrow. As well as the ad litem judges appointed to specific trials, the ICTY has 16 permanent judges who are elected by the General Assembly. The ad litem judges are chosen by the UN Secretary-General – at the request of the Tribunal’s President – from a pool of 27 selected by the Assembly. Last month the Security Council approved a temporary increase in the number of ad litem ICTY judges from a maximum of 12 to a maximum of 16 during this year so that the Tribunal can better meet its Council-imposed target of trying all defendants by the end of 2008. 10 March 2008A Latvian judge was today sworn in before the United Nations tribunal set up to deal with the worst crimes committed during the Balkan wars of the 1990s so that the court can handle more of its remaining workload. read more

Bribery Commission files case against Sajin Vass

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The case was filed today at the Colombo Chief Magistrates court. The Bribery Commission filed a case against former Parliamentarian Sajin Vass Gunawardena today over a deal he had signed when he was in charge of Mihin Lanka.Gunawardena has been accused of signing the deal with a Singapore based company without following the proper tender procedure.

UNs Iraq envoy meets with senior officials from AlAnbar Province in Iraq

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During meetings with Governor Al-Alwani and his colleagues on the Governorate Council, Mr. Qazi heard about the Council’s expectations of the UN as they discussed human rights, health care, education, agriculture and security, the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said today in a statement released in Baghdad.Mr. Qazi, who serves as Secretary-General’s special Representative on Iraq, was accompanied by senior UNAMI officials dealing with these issues as well as the UN’s Iraq country team representative from the World Health Organization (WHO).Mr. Qazi reiterated the UN’s commitment to help all Iraqi people and promised to work with the Governor to explore ways to support people in the Governorate of Al-Anbar. read more

Log in look out Cyber chaos may grow at workweeks start

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A security guard stands outside the Telefonica headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Friday, May 12, 2017. The Spanish government said several companies including Telefonica had been targeted in ransomware cyberattack that affected the Windows operating system of employees’ computers. (AP Photo/Paul White) by Sylvia Hui And Christopher S. Rugaber, The Associated Press Posted May 13, 2017 4:25 am MDT Last Updated May 14, 2017 at 10:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LONDON – Employees booting up computers at work Monday could see red as they discover they’re victims of a global “ransomware” cyberattack that has created chaos in 150 countries and could wreak even greater havoc as more malicious variations appear.As a loose global network of cybersecurity experts fought the ransomware hackers, officials and experts on Sunday urged organizations and companies to update older Microsoft operating systems immediately to ensure they aren’t vulnerable to a more powerful version of the software — or to future versions that can’t be stopped.The initial attack, known as “WannaCry,” paralyzed computers that run Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway and scores of other companies and government agencies worldwide in what was believed to be the biggest online extortion scheme so far.Microsoft blamed the U.S. government for “stockpiling” software code that was used by unknown hackers to launch the attacks. The hackers exploited software code from the National Security Agency that leaked online.The company’s top lawyer said the government should report weaknesses they discover to software companies rather than seek to exploit them.“An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the U.S. military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen,” attorney Brad Smith wrote on Microsoft’s blog.New variants of the rapidly replicating worm were discovered Sunday and one did not include the so-called kill switch that allowed researchers to interrupt its spread Friday by diverting it to a dead end on the internet.Ryan Kalember, senior vice-president at Proofpoint Inc. which helped stop its spread, said the version without a kill switch was able to spread but was benign because it contained a flaw that wouldn’t allow it to take over a computer and demand ransom to unlock files. However, he said it’s only a matter of time before a malevolent version exists.“I still expect another to pop up and be fully operational,” Kalember said. “We haven’t fully dodged this bullet at all until we’re patched against the vulnerability itself.”The attack held users hostage by freezing their computers, popping up a red screen with the words, “Oops, your files have been encrypted!” and demanding money through online bitcoin payment — $300 at first, rising to $600 before it destroys files hours later.The ransomware attack was particularly malicious, because if just one person in an organization clicked on an infected attachment or bad link, all the computers in a network would be infected, said Vikram Thakur, technical director of Symantec Security Response.“That’s what makes this more troubling than ransomware was a week ago,” Thakur said.It hit 200,000 victims across the world since Friday and is seen as an “escalating threat,” said Rob Wainwright, the head of Europol, Europe’s policing agency.“The numbers are still going up,” Wainwright said. “We’ve seen that the slowdown of the infection rate over Friday night, after a temporary fix around it, has now been overcome by a second variation the criminals have released.”The effects were felt around the globe, disrupting computers that run factories, banks, government agencies and transport systems in nations as diverse as Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, India and the U.S. Britain’s National Health Service was hit hard, while Russia’s Interior Ministry and companies including Spain’s Telefonica, FedEx Corp. in the U.S. and French carmaker Renault all reported disruptions.Chinese media reported that more than 29,000 institutions in the country had been hit, with universities and other educational entities the hardest hit, along with railway services and retailers. Japanese broadcaster NTV reported 600 companies in that country had been hit, and automaker Nissan and the Hitachi conglomerate said they were addressing the problem at their units that were affected.The full extent of the attack won’t become fully clear until people return to their workplaces Monday, for the first time after the attacks. Many may click infected email attachments or bad links and spread the virus further.“It’s this constant battle,” said Ryan O’Leary, vice-president of WhiteHat Security’s threat research centre. “The bad guys are always one step ahead.”The White House held emergency meetings Friday and Saturday to assess the global cyber threat, a White House official said Sunday. No details were disclosed. The official was not authorized to discuss the private meetings by name and requested anonymity.It was too early to say who was behind the onslaught, which struck 100,000 organizations, and what their motivation was, aside from the obvious demand for money. So far, not many people have paid the ransom demanded by the malware, Europol spokesman Jan Op Gen Oorth told The Associated Press.Researchers who helped prevent the spread of the malware and cybersecurity firms worked around the clock during the weekend to monitor the situation and install a software patch to block the worm from infecting computers in corporations across the U.S., Europe and Asia.“Right now, just about every IT department has been working all weekend rolling this out,” said Dan Wire, spokesman at Fireeye Security.Businesses, government agencies and other organizations were urged to quickly implement a patch released by Microsoft Corp. The ransomware exploits older versions of Microsoft’s operating system software, such as Windows XP.Installing the patch is one way to secure computers against the virus. The other is to disable a type of software that connects computers to printers and faxes, which the virus exploits, O’Leary added.Microsoft distributed a patch two months ago that could have forestalled much of the attack, but in many organizations it was likely lost among the blizzard of updates and patches that large corporations and governments strain to manage.“It’s one of those things, in a perfect world, if people were up to date on the patches, this wouldn’t be a problem,” O’Leary said. “But there are so many things to patch. The patch lists can be ginormous. It can be tough to tell which patch is important, until it is too late.”___Rugaber reported from Washington. AP writers Brian Melley in Los Angeles, Catherine Lucey in Washington, Allen G. Breed in Raleigh, North Carolina, and AP Technology Writer Anick Jesdanun in New York contributed to this report. Log in, look out: Cyber chaos may grow at workweek’s start read more

UNESCO chief condemns killing of Bangladeshi blogger

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“It is important that the Bangladeshi authorities find and prosecute those responsible for this attack,” Irina Bokova, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), declared in a press release issued earlier today. “Freedom of expression and free debate cannot thrive in a climate of fear and self-censorship.”According to UNESCO, three men attacked Mr. Rahman on 30 March as he left his home in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka to go to work. Mr. Rahman used to write under the penname Kutshit Hasher Chhana, or ‘Ugly Duckling.’ In a report released in March 2014, UNESCO stressed the growing trend of media workers being killed around the world. Focusing on the latest challenges affecting media development and freedom of expression, the report, called World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development, noted that more than 430 journalists were killed between 2007 and 2012. read more

West and Central Africa lagging far behind world in HIV response warns

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To overcome these hurdles, the report calls for key strategies to enable countries accelerate efforts to curb the spread of disease. In particular, it proposes a differentiated HIV response focusing on unique epidemiological and local contexts in each country and community; integration of HIV services into key social services including health, education and protection; community ownership and local governance of the HIV response including working with families to help reduce stigma, access prevention and treatment; and investment in innovations to remove barriers to diagnostic and biomedical approaches such as point of care diagnostics, HIV self-testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis. “Leaders of the region have endorsed a Catch-Up plan aiming to triple the number of people on treatment in the region – including children – by the end of 2018, the key issue now is to accelerate implementation,” said Luiz Loures, the Deputy Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). “Countries should urgently put in place more effective strategies for early infant diagnosis of HIV, and start reducing inequity in children’s access to treatment.” “It is tragic that so many children and adolescents today are not receiving the treatment they need just because they have not been tested,” said Marie-Pierre Poirier, the UNICEF Director for the region, in a news release, Tuesday, calling for improvement of early diagnosis and access to HIV treatment and care for children. According to UNICEF, West and Central Africa has the lowest paediatric antiretroviral treatment coverage in the world, with only 21 per cent of the 540,000 children (aged 0-14) living with HIV receiving antiretroviral treatment in 2016 – compared to 43 per cent globally. A major cause behind this is the limited capacity of the countries to perform the tests needed for early infant diagnosis of HIV. “Without knowing a child’s HIV status, his or her family is less likely to seek the treatment that could prevent the tragedy of a child’s death from AIDS-related illnesses,” said UNICEF.The situation is worse among adolescents: the annual number of new HIV infections among those aged 15-19 years in the region now exceeds that of children aged 0-14 years. These new infections occur mostly through unprotected sexual contact and among adolescent girls. Without knowing a child’s HIV status, his or her family is less likely to seek the treatment that could prevent the tragedy of a child’s death from AIDS-related illnessesUNICEFEqually concerning, according to Step Up the Pace: Towards an AIDS-free, a recently released UNICEF report, is that the region has seen a 35 per cent rise in the annual number of AIDS-related deaths among adolescents aged 15-19 years – the only age group in which the number of AIDS-related deaths increased between 2010 and 2016. With the region’s youth population expected to grow significantly within the coming decades, especially in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Nigeria, the numbers of children and adolescents becoming infected with HIV and dying from AIDS is likely to remain high, unless the HIV response – both prevention and treatment – improves dramatically, the report warns. read more

John Prescott steps in to make tea for passengers in busy train buffet car

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first_imgLord Prescott turned heads when he stepped in to help an overstretched assistant in the buffet car on a train.The former deputy prime minister was on Friday’s 11.48am King’s Cross to Hull service when he saw a queue build up for hot drinks.So the 78-year-old Labour peer, himself a former ship’s steward and son of a railway signalman, offered to get behind the counter with the female employee and start serving passengers. Lord Prescott behind the counter when a female employee became overwhelmed by an influx of customers That’s because I use two bags.— John Prescott (@johnprescott) September 9, 2016 Lord Prescott later told the Hull Daily Mail: “Everyone was queuing up. I offered to help. The girl wasn’t sure at first, but I told her, ‘It’s okay, love. It’s just one of those things – let me help.’ I then got in, behind the counter, and began serving.” One passenger, who witnessed the public-spirited display, said: “Prezza was in First Class and volunteered to man the buffet and serve drinks. He makes a good cuppa!”Lord Prescott said that “it is in the genes” of Britons to help others.”We like to muck in and help fix problems,” he said. “I just wanted to do the public a service, and Hull Trains is a local company. We should all want to help others.” When the politician – once dubbed Two Jags for having the use of a pair of Jaguar cars – was later praised for the quality of his cup of tea, he quipped “That’s because I used two bags.”Lord Prescott was once mocked by Nicholas Soames, the Conservative MP, who called out to him: “Mine’s a gin and tonic, Giovanni, and would you ask my friend what he’s having?”Seemingly not forgetting the put-down, Lord Prescott tweeted: “Hope everyone enjoyed their coffee and teas on today’s @Hull-Trains. No one asked for G&Ts!”And referring to the row between Jeremy Corbyn and Virgin Trains over seats and pictures of him on board, Lord Prescott tweeted a link to Hull Daily Mail coverage of him in action behind the counter, saying: “Here I am serving passengers on the @Hull-Trains buffet. Shot on a camera phone not CCTV.” Hull Trains thanked Lord Prescott on Twitter for helping out.A customer called Paul tweeted him, saying: “You make a good brew sir.”Lord Prescott replied: “That’s because I use two bags.” Lord Prescott behind the counter when a female employee became overwhelmed by an influx of customersCredit:Hull Daily Mail/SWNS Here I am serving passengers on the @Hull_Trains buffet. Shot on a camera phone not CCTV. 😏— John Prescott (@johnprescott) September 9, 2016 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Vendor nabbed with unlicensed firearm

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A vendor of Board Street, Charlestown, Georgetown is now being processed for Court after he was found to be in possession of an unlicensed pistol.Reports reaching Inews indicate that the 29-year-old man was arrested at his home by ranks who were responding to a domestic violence report.Inews understands that the said firearm was reportedly loaded with fifteen rounds of ammunition. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMan arrested for discharging unlicensed firearmSeptember 1, 2015In “Crime”Female among four in custody for unlicensed firearm, ammoAugust 25, 2015In “Crime”Operation Dragnet catches man with unlicensed gun, ammoDecember 20, 2015In “Crime” read more

Uros Vilovski again hero in Veszprem

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Already honored with medal outside the court for what he done during the tragedy in February 2009 when the Romanian Cosma lost his life, now the Serbian international Uros Vilovski might get another thanking from MKB Veszprem. In the important match against Atletico Madrid, he scored 5 goals from 8 shots, but more importantly, he scored a goal in the last second of the match.“Veszprem Arena” was all up, knowing that the Hungarian champion will finish 2nd in the group, and might get an easier opponent and advance to the quarter-finals for the Champions League, although with their play lately they didn’t deserve it so much.This way, Vilovski also paid back to the club, for offering him a new 4-year contract. ← Previous Story Martin Liptak sacked – Bregenz looking for a new coach Next Story → EHF CL TOP 16: Kadetten IN – Chambery OUT read more

Man Delivering Amazon Package Steals Puppy Gets Caught By App

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first_img A U.K. delivery driver is in hot water: After lying to officials about a missing pet, an app caught him dropping off an Amazon parcel and stealing a puppy from a customer’s property.On Tuesday, Levi Pislea, a 22-year-old man who was employed by an independent delivery service, was convicted of stealing, Wilma, a tiny schnauzer, when he delivered an Amazon package to someone’s home last year, CNN reported. Pislea, who made a court appearance today, was found guilty of fabricating the truth and failing to return the dog to its owner.Former ‘Amazon delivery driver’ found guilty of stealing customer’s dog – CPS Thames & ChilternLevi Pislea given 12 month community order and ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work, plus £705 costs following trial at High Wycombe Magistrates’ CourtMORE:— CPS (@cpsuk) February 20, 2019On April 27, Richard Guttfield, Wilma’s owner, discovered that his fur baby was missing from his home in Marsworth, England, according to Court News UK. Once he figured out that Wilma disappeared when his Amazon package arrived, he immediately contacted Amazon about the incident.When Pislea was questioned by his manager about the missing puppy, he denied seeing Wilma on his delivery route. However, an app unveiled that he was not telling the truth: It tracked his steps on April 27, and showed that he went around Guttfield’s home and into the garden area.Pislea’s manager then went to Pislea’s home, where he found the dog and reported Pislea to the police. Four days after the incident, Wilma was finally reunited with Guttfield.Pislea though, didn’t walk out of his trial without charges: The High Wycombe Magistrates Court sentenced him to a 12-month community order, 150 hours of unpaid work, and he has to pay $914 in damages.“Pislea lied when he said he hadn’t been near the garden where the dog was — a lie that was proven by the tracker data of his steps,” Andrew Morgan, district crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said in a CPS press release. “He denied any knowledge of the dog when he was directly asked about it, and made no effort to reunite it with its owner over the four days that it was in his possession, all of which indicated his intention to keep it.”More on Pledges to Make Half Its Shipments Carbon Neutral by 2030‘Costume Quest’ Animated Series Will Hit Amazon Prime Video on March 8Amazon Teases ‘Middle-earth Map’ for Its New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Stay on target Amazon Employees Join Sept. 20 Global Climate WalkoutGeek Pick: Amazon Smart Plug Puts Alexa in Your Walls last_img read more

World of Wonder California Tower

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first_img Updated: 7:07 PM Posted: February 18, 2019 Dave Scott, Categories: Dave’s World Of Wonder, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter World of Wonder: California Towercenter_img Dave Scott February 18, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The California Tower in Balboa Park will remain closed for 10 months for earthquake safety upgrades.While the tower’s safety is being renovated, Dave Scott finds out what makes this historical building so wonderful. last_img read more

Andrew Scheinthal

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first_imgAndrew Scheinthal joined 7 News in January of 2017.Before making his way to South Florida, Andrew worked at the CBS affiliate in Fort Myers. During his time there, Andrew covered the 2016 Presidential Election and the Republican National Convention. He received an Emmy nomination for his coverage of the sinking of the El Faro cargo ship, and worked nearly 24 hours straight during Hurricane Matthew while the deadly stormed traveled up Florida’s east coast.Follow @AScheinthalWSVNAndrew graduated from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. While in school, he won several awards including first place in his region for breaking news awarded by the Society of Professional Journalist. During his senior year, Andrew worked at New England Cable News reporting live for the stations morning show. Once he graduated, Andrew started working at WVII in Bangor, Maine as an anchor and reporter.Originally from Houston, Texas, Andrew’s father is from South Florida. He’s looking forward to checking out his father’s childhood landmarks, including his home and high school.In his spare time Andrew enjoys traveling, cooking, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with his Dalmatian, Ralph. Please check out his twitter account @AScheinthalWSVNCopyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Govt plotting to split BNPled 20party alliance Moudud

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first_imgBNP senior leader Moudud Ahmed. Prothom Alo File PhotoBNP senior leader Moudud Ahmed on Friday alleged that the government is trying to create a rift in their party-led 20-party alliance targeting Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, reports UNB.”The government is resorting to various tricks and plots to create misunderstanding between Jamaat and us. It’s also circulating various confusing news using different media in this regard,” he said.The BNP leader came up with the allegation while speaking at a discussion programme arranged by Bangladesh Youth Forum at the National Press Club.Moudud, a BNP standing committee member, warned the government that all of its conspiracies will turn futile as the 20-party will remain intact.He said though Jamaat fielded a mayoral candidate in the Sylhet City Corporation polls, BNP is trying to reach an understanding with the party over the issue.The BNP leader said their party is working to create a national unity by uniting all political parties for ensuring the fall of the current ‘regime’.He also said their party will join the next general election after freeing Khaleda Zia from jail.Moudud said students are peacefully demonstrating and observing peaceful programmes demanding reform of the existing quota system in the public services, but the government is arresting and repressing them taking on remand. “Government’s such repressive act against students has demonstrated that it’s an autocratic regime,” he said.He also alleged that the government-backed people are involved in the reported gold heist from Bangladesh Bank’s vault. “That’s why no one has so far been arrested in this connection,” said Moudud.last_img read more

Postgame Notes Louisville at Virginia

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first_img SERIES NOTES The Cardinals had four players score in double figures for the 12th time this season and the first time since the Cards defeated Virginia Tech on Feb.4. Louisville’s 68 points are its most vs. Virginia since a 72-56 win at University Hall in Charlottesville on Feb. 17, 1990. Malik Williams block extended Louisville’s streak of consecutive games with a blocked shot to 300.  The Cardinals finished with three blocks in the game.  Louisville outrebound Virginia 40-31, marking the third consecutive game the Cardinals have outrebounded their opponent. The Cardinals pulled down 14 offensive rebounds against the Eagles.  Louisville has pulled down 10 or more rebounds off the offensive glass 19 times this season, including 15 of the last 20 games.    Story Links Christen Cunningham, who leads the ACC in assists in conference games, recorded two assists to give him 93 over his last 15 games. The graduate transfer finished with 10 points – the 14th time he scored in double figures this year. Jordan Nwora tallied his 29th game scoring in double digits and his 15th consecutive contest with a team-high 19 points versus Virginia.  The sophomore tallied his 38th career game scoring in double figures. Forward/center Malik Williams scored double figures for the second consecutive game with 12 points against Virginia.  The sophomore has scored double figures in nine games this season.  Steven Enoch led the Cards with 11 rebounds against Virgina, tying his career-high.  Enoch has pulled down double-digit rebounds in three games this season.  Dwayne Sutton also tallied double figures for the Cardinals with 10 points against the Cavaliers. It marks the 17th time the junior has scored in double figures this season and 18th time in his career.  It is his first time in double digits since scoring 15 points against Duke on Feb. 12.  PLAYER NOTES With the loss, the Cardinals fall to 4-15 all-time against the Cavaliers and 1-7 in Charlottesville Louisville is 1-10 against Virginia since joining the ACCTEAM NOTES  Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Perhaps he was relatively quiet because he took th

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first_imgPerhaps he was relatively quiet because he took the topic personally.McKinley hasn’t been knocking quarterbacks down, let alone out, and that’s the primary job description attached to defensive ends.• Tevin Coleman 48th in league in yards after contact (The Falcoholic)Tevin Coleman is in the middle of his worst season in a usually productive career year. He averaged 4.5 and 4.4 yards per carry in his first two seasons, most notably averaging 13.6 yards per catch in 2016.Since then it’s been tough sledding. Coleman has gotten more opportunities with Devonta Freeman’s injuries however his effectiveness as dropped to 4.0 yards per carry in 2017, and 4.1 yards per carry this season. It’s not expected he would lead the league in yards per carry, a title held by Phillip Lindsay at 5.8 yards per carry. However, he’s sandwiched between Latavius Murray and T.J. Murray as the 36th most effective back based on yards per carry.• Julio Jones, Hooper held out of Falcons’ practice (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (foot/calf), tight end Austin Hooper (knee/ankle), defensive tackle Grady Jarrett (groin/shoulder) and defensive tackle Terrell McClain (toe) did not practice on Wednesday, according to the team’s official injury report. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Wide receiver Julio Jones has over 1,400 receiving yards while quarterback Matt Ryan has thrown for 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns compared to six interceptions.Here’s more of what’s happening in Atlanta before the Cardinals and Falcons play in the latter’s final home game of the season.Saturday, December 15•  Falcons vs. Cardinals: One reason to worry, one reason to feel confident (The Falcoholic)The Falcons have one of the league’s worst pass defenses, but the Cardinals have a 1970s air assault. Something will have to give, but for once, I don’t think it’ll be Atlanta’s D.On the other hand, the Falcons’ passing attack has gone completely in the tank.•  Where the Atlanta Falcons stand heading into Week 15 against the Arizona Cardinals (The Falcoholic)The Falcons should win this. When you put their roster side-by-side with Arizona, there’s only a small handful of spots where the Cardinals are actually more talented.The Falcons are just underachieving at an impressive level, having made a series of boneheaded in-game decisions and errors of execution that somehow are even worse than a year ago.If they can get their stuff together, even slightly, they should be favorites here. The Arizona Cardinals’ best chance at winning another football game this season likely comes Sunday on the road against the Atlanta Falcons.The Falcons have dropped five games in a row and have lost to sub-.500 teams like the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers during that time.They sit at 4-9 after last week’s 34-20 loss to the Packers, compared to the Cardinals’ 3-10 record.Even so, the star power remains for the NFC South’s bottom feeder. Related LinksCardinals DT Robert Nkemdiche heads to IR, needs knee surgeryThe Arizona Cardinals aren’t just bad, they’re also unwatchableRapid Reactions: Cardinals’ offense struggles in loss to Lions “It was our Friday check-in,” Quinn said. “We meet on Fridays and see where the progress is and how he’s progressing….I just want to get an update to see where he’s at.”Thursday, December 13• Grady Jarrett is model of consistency and endurance (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)In a Falcons season that’s gone every which way but right, there has been perhaps one thing certain: Grady Jarrett’s going to be there. He’s going to play ball the way he’s supposed to, and there’s just about no chance of him puffing his chest in high moments or freaking out in lows.• Julio Jones sent home with flu-like symptoms (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones was sent home from the facility with flu-like symptoms on Thursday.“Julio was sent home sick today,” coach Dan Quinn said. “We fully expect him to be back tomorrow and get going for Sunday.”Jones will be ready to play against the Cardinals at 1 p.m. Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.• From Yale to the NFL: How Foye Oluokun has gone from ‘unknown’ to Falcons starter (Atlanta Falcons)Following the pro days, Oluokun said he was unsure if he would get drafted. He and his agent were looking at teams he could sign with as an undrafted free agent – one of them being the Falcons. Wednesday, December 12• Matt Ryan hopes to get Falcons’ offense back on track (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)The Falcons’ offense showed flashes of its former self Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.They are hopeful that the brief trend continues when the Falcons (4-9) play the Arizona Cardinals (3-10) at 1 p.m. Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.The rushing attack was active and quarterback Matt Ryan didn’t look like he was running a fire drill every time that he dropped back to pass in the 34-20 loss to the Packers.• Matt Ryan on Falcons’ offensive penalties, lack of focus: ‘Those mistakes are tough to overcome’ (Atlanta Falcons)Focus has been a big topic of conversation at the Falcons practice facility this week, and it’s something Matt Ryan would like to see more consistently across the board from the offense.When the unit is dialed in, Atlanta’s offense can be among the very best in the league. This season, however, that hasn’t often been the case. The Falcons’ 34-20 loss to the Packers last Sunday provided a good example of that.• Falcons looking for Takk to make a comeback (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Takk McKinley wasn’t much in the mood to talk Wednesday, at least not in detail about Falcons coach Dan Quinn’s message of the day, which was “prepare and focus.” Top Stories Fastforward to draft weekend, the Falcons selected Oluokun in the sixth round as the 200th-overall pick.At 6-foot-2 and 229 pounds, the Falcons liked the physicality he played with. Oluokun primarily played safety during his career at Yale until his final year when he switched the role of the hybrid linebacker-safety position that’s becoming more popular in today’s game.The Falcons didn’t necessarily know exactly what position they would feature him at when they drafted him, but they knew they liked his skillset.• The Falcons got an extended look at five young players vs. the Packers and here’s what they saw (Atlanta Falcons)While there isn’t a full-blown youth movement going on in Atlanta, the Falcons’ current situation has allowed them to begin evaluating some of the younger players who could be a part of the future. There are already a number of young guys like Calvin Ridley and Foye Oluokun who have become impact players for Atlanta, so they won’t be discussed here, but several guys saw increased action last weekend against the Packers.• Just 7% of Falcons fans polled ahead of Week 15 feel confident about the direction of the team (The Falcoholic)If you thought the fanbase’s confidence in this team had reached rock bottom, the last week probably denuded you of that notion. Even the starriest-eyed fans and writers here are just plain tired of the Falcons at this point, and the Green Bay game somehow managed to be a new low in a season full of fresh ones. Hooper’s 64 receptions rank fourth in the NFL for tight ends and his 557 receiving yards are a career high.What will be especially important for the Cardinals is stopping Hooper on third down.Quarterback Matt Ryan has targeted Hooper 20 times on third or fourth down this season, and the duo has connected for a first down on 11 of those targets.“I’ve seen a lot,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said of Hooper’s growth. “What I have also seen is his ability to finish plays … So I’ve been really impressed with his yards after the catch, his reliability.“I thought he was one of the players that have made a significant jump for sure. He’s certainly getting the looks.”• Flat Falcons can’t wave 2018 goodbye soon enough (The Falcoholic)As disappointing a season as it’s been for the Cardinals, it may be more disappointing for the Falcons.Atlanta was a good fourth quarter away from winning the Super Bowl two years ago and are now in last place in their division, which hasn’t been strong outside of the New Orleans Saints.Opponents have been using the Cardinals, who are widely considered among the worst NFL teams, as a chance to salvage a win in a lost season. Friday, December 14•  Ito Smith getting a bigger piece of Falcons’ pie (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Ito Smith came out to chat the other day, which was a little different, and he sounded different, as if he fit and as if the Falcons’ rookie running back is getting up to speed.He carried the football 11 times for 60 yards Sunday at Green Bay, to lead the Falcons in rushing, and caught three passes for another 14 yards.•  Arthur Blank issues statement on passing of Falcons great Bill Fralic ( Falcons offensive lineman Bill Fralic passed away at the age of 56 on Thursday after a battle with cancer, according to a release by the University of Pittsburgh athletic department.Fralic was selected by the Falcons with the No. 2 overall pick in the 1985 NFL Draft, and he went on to play nine seasons in the NFL, including eight with the Falcons. During his time in Atlanta, Fralic was named to the Pro Bowl four times and was a two-time All-Pro.• Quinn gives update on Devonta Freeman: ‘We are not there yet’ (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)After the Falcons practice on Friday, running back Devonta Freeman and head coach Dan Quinn had their weekly meeting on his recovering from sports hernia surgery. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 8 Comments   Share   Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones warms up prior to an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo This game will be no different. From the article:The team probably needs another win to bump up the maladies that flow through the locker room and give the players a little something to build on for next season. There are no guarantees, though. If they look like this the rest of the way out, they may not win another game.• A quick look at Josh Rosen and the Cardinals (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has been complimentary of the Cardinals’ rookie signal caller this week.Quinn said he watched multiple of Josh Rosen’s college games in his pre-draft studies of the quarterbacks and liked what he saw.“I was very impressed by Rosen,” Quinn said. “The accuracy, the quickness, the mental quickness of where to go with the ball.”In particular, he liked how Rosen performed against his college rival, USC.“I can remember going back through a UCLA and USC game, back and forth because both quarterbacks in that same game to see those two against similar players, both of them had played Stanford,” Quinn said.“I remember going back and watching that game until I treated both of the quarterbacks against common opponents. I could clearly remember as we’re getting into the preparation of this week, but the quickness that the ball came out of his hands with the decision where to go with it.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Guard Ben Garland (back), linebacker Deion Jones (foot), tight end Logan Paulsen (knee/ankle) and running back Ito Smith (neck) were limited in practice.Tuesday, December 11• Falcons will consider keeping Freeman-Coleman tandem together ( the end of last season, Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said he could envision a scenario in which the team would re-sign running back Tevin Coleman, even after inking starter Devonta Freeman to a long-term contract.That scenario remains a possibility, according to coach Dan Quinn.• For Falcons, winning still beats tanking (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)Steve Hummer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution examines a game between two of the NFL’s worst.For the Falcons, the game also follows the city’s MLS Cup victory, which took place in Mercedes-Benz Stadium where the Falcons play.Hummer argues that just because the discussion is now about draft position instead of playoff position, the Falcons must play for progress heading into next season.• Austin Hooper’s role continues to increase as he puts up career numbers for third straight season (Atlanta Falcons)Falcons tight end Austin Hooper has been a thorn in the side of defenses this season and has arguably become the Falcons’ No. 2 receiving threat behind Julio Jones.last_img read more