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Xining households to change the theme of the meeting to respond to a good overall response to the co

for the further implementation of the reform of the household registration system in the province in August 2nd working conference spirit, carry out the special meeting of the household registration system reform in August 30th, the spirit of the Xining Municipal Committee, Xining mayor Wang Yubo, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Su Rong, vice mayor Zhang Qian led the relevant departments on-site demonstration work to promote the reform of the household registration system, reform of the household registration system will promote the convening of. How to promote the reform to develop in depth. read more

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This year conscription began in August 1st

this year, the national conscription adjustment for the recruitment of Qinghai province from August 1st, September 1st approved the new recruits on September 5th FOB recruits, conscription ended September 30th. Ordinary institutions of higher learning to organize college students in the college students before leaving the organization of primary inspection, preliminary examination and scheduled soldiers.


collection object and the scope of the age requirement, young male in 2013 at the age of 18 to 20 years old, graduated from high school educated youth can be relaxed to 21 years of age, students in Colleges and universities can be relaxed to 22 years of age, vocational (specialist) graduates can be relaxed to 23 years of age, bachelor degree or above graduates can be relaxed to 24 years of age. Young women in 2013 to 18 to 19 years of age, ordinary college students can be relaxed to the age of 20, ordinary college graduates can be relaxed to the age of 22. According to my voluntary, at least 17 years of age, high school graduates can be recruited into the army. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to provide professional services to farmers and her

in recent years, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to further implement the "farmers professional cooperatives law", give full play to their functions, to further relax the market access conditions, standardize the registration examination and approval procedures, improve work efficiency, increase support for efforts to promote farmers’ cooperatives sustained, healthy and rapid development.
in the registration process, a registration window in the registration of the establishment of farmer specialized cooperative registration "Easy Access", an application for the establishment of a Book Review on the implementation of the registration of farmers professional cooperatives, as long as the materials submitted are complete and conform to the provisions of the registration shall be. The two is to broaden the investment way, every country not prohibited by laws and regulations are allowed as farmers professional cooperatives member funded, cooperative members can use the non currency property as real, agricultural equipment, intellectual property can be evaluated by currency and may be transferred according to law of investment; without changing the land, forestland property and use conditions, pricing you can use the usufruct right of contracting land, forest management rights and the right to use the land through quantitative investment. The three is to relax the scope of business, allowing farmers and herdsmen cooperatives around the farm and animal husbandry prenatal, postpartum, postpartum service, according to the law to choose their own business scope. Can be engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry production material purchase, sales of agricultural products, processing, transportation, storage and management technology, and members of the production information service related projects, can also be engaged in planting, animal husbandry, aquaculture production and management. Encourage the development of science and technology agriculture and animal husbandry, urban modern agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry and agriculture and animal husbandry and leisure tourism, expand the scope of operation of farmers and herdsmen cooperatives, farmers and herdsmen to increase income. The four is to support the use of the registered name of the geographical characteristics of cooperatives, to obtain ecological, environmental protection, green and other certification or certification, the name allows the use of ecological, environmental protection, green, etc.. Five of the farmers professional cooperatives do not charge, no penalties, no verification, no inspection, to the spirit of "coarse, wide should not strictly" principle, be arranged on-site guidance, active service, and actively guide the farmers professional cooperatives standardized operation, legitimate business, and strive to form a new model for the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives have region the characteristics of the. read more

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Urban and rural areas of the east side of the building to help people

To carry out the party’s mass line educational practice, improve the party building work of urban and rural integration level, East District to "two to one", will the district authorities 30 grass-roots Party branch and region 15 administrative village Party organization in pairs, to strengthen the construction of rural grassroots organizations, improve the quality of Party members, Party members and the masses to promote income "for the overall goal, carry out the" hand in hand "to build Internet activities.

built village organization. Taking the mass line educational practice as an opportunity, the Party branch of the various organs from the training, education, supervision, incentives and other aspects to strengthen the construction of the village Party organization team. District Committee Party branch and village Party Branch Cao build party point of contact and liaison system, and arrange for 5 party members were contacted 5 Party Branch Cao Zhai village Party branch subordinates, in educational practice, and weak and lax regulation of Jin bit upgrade work to do the organizational guarantee for the village the "two committees" general election.

to solve practical problems. Combined with the advantages of Party organizations and Party members, in pairs to build targeted to help solve some of the villagers concerned about the hot and difficult issues and social livelihood issues. The District Court of Party branch to solve civil disputes involving the villagers and other issues, the legal aid service hotline joint village villagers, to provide legal advice and assistance to villagers; district development and Reform Bureau of the relevant departments of Party branch coordination area for more than 11 yuan for the joint funds of village clinics, promote the standardization of village clinics. To facilitate the villagers nearby for medical treatment, has won the praise of the villagers.  

read more

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The first provincial power outage emergency drills staged

Today, with the development of science and technology, people don’t seem to imagine what life would be like without electricity In October 22nd, the provincial emergency command center office sounded rapid ringing of the phone, "because of bad weather caused the fault has caused Xining City blackout, causing caojiabao airport, Qinghai Tibet railway traction station, sky chemical high risk large customer outage, and may lead to toxic gas leakage……" On the same day at 9:10 in the morning, in the scene of realistic, large area of our province emergency joint function exercises started, this is also the first national provincial and municipal blackout emergency joint disposal of emergency drills. The exercise simulated because of bad weather caused by power failure, resulting in the province suffered blackouts, Xining City West District, North District, Lake District and other multiple power outages, Xining, Haidong Prefecture airport, train station and hospital enterprise power, traffic chaos, residents trapped elevator, at the same time, due to a number of large enterprises blackout may cause secondary accidents. The face of the sudden accident, provincial and municipal emergency command center, public security, fire protection, coordination of power, water supply and other more than and 10 departments of health emergency response, the national network of Qinghai provincial power company sent the power car and repair team, to provide emergency power protection for key areas, emergency repair electrical equipment damaged; public security fire department notified the police in the main road traffic, to rescue the trapped people. The whole exercise process has been simulated in the real scene in an orderly and tense. It is understood that this exercise arranged by the National Energy Bureau, the provincial government unified deployment, according to the northwest energy regulatory bureau responsible person, has the characteristics of energy based power universal service, blackouts may cause traffic, security, medical, communications, water supply and other city lifeline into disorder, serious harm to the normal production and life of society order. Nip in the bud, strengthen joint exercises to enhance the comprehensive emergency response capacity of a large area after the blackout, the loss can be reduced to the lowest in the event of disaster. The Chinese Academy of Sciences University Emergency Management Research Center Director Huang Jun introduced, the drill with thin soft link in emergency response, examined in the blackout background, two provincial and municipal government between units, between government and enterprises, electric power enterprises and users between the linkage and coordination ability. Simulation of the scene in addition to affecting the city public safety, but also around the local power grid characteristics, simulation of major accidents caused by power outages, exercise a command system is currently the most complex, the social comprehensive emergency response capacity of government is also a big test.   read more

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The province’s agricultural and pastoral areas to achieve full coverage of drinking water safety

reporter recently learned from the province’s water conservancy work conference, 12th Five-Year period, the province to solve the problem of drinking water safety of 1 million 624 thousand farmers and herdsmen, the basic realization of the full coverage of drinking water safety projects in rural and pastoral areas.

especially in 2015, our province agricultural and pastoral areas to solve the drinking water safety is "one of the ten practical livelihood, annual investment of 920 million yuan, completed 346 of agricultural and pastoral areas of drinking water safety project, solve the problem of drinking water safety for 448 thousand people. This is the largest number of people to solve the history of Qinghai, the largest investment, the fastest implementation of the year. read more

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The eleven session of the provincial CPPCC closed the three meeting

The eleven session of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of the three meeting of the successful completion of the task, the morning of January 26th in the Qinghai Convention center.The chairman of

seated on the platform as well as the leadership of Mu Dongsheng, Cao Wenhu, Ma Wei, Mao ang, Cao Hong, Zhang Jianmin, Yan Jinhai, Cheng Lihua, Dong Kaijun, Wang Xiaoyong, Kuang Yong, Xiao Yangzhong, Cui Changying, Yang Xiong. read more

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Provincial CPPCC focus on the proposal to allow the proposal to move the landing sound

12 month 8 days, reporters from the twenty-two meeting of the Standing Committee of the eleven CPPCC Provincial Committee was informed that the provincial CPPCC proposals focus on the supervision of innovation, based on the implementation of key proposal by the vice chairman of CPPCC led supervision, various special committees and the democratic parties provincial supervision division, will focus on proposals for cooperation with "bimonthly consultation forum topics, promote the proposals for the results, at present, for all 8 key proposals to determine the end of year 2016. read more

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Urban sanitation parking lot project construction land approved

recently, concern and support of the municipal and district departments at all levels, development zone, City Sanitation District parking lot construction land for the city planning department approved, in Nanchuan road mill village southeast designated 35 acres of land, land red line has been approved and issued, Chengzhong District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau has started the project the construction of preparatory work. After the completion of the project, the area for the original parking lot dismantling sanitation vehicles caused by vehicle parking, maintenance and enforcement difficult problem will be solved, to promote urban sanitation infrastructure and promote the development of environmental sanitation work play a positive role. read more

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Xining into a large tourist Qinghai tourism accounted for 60% of the province’s tourism revenue

In 2012, 12 billion 375 million yuan of tourism revenue in our province, only Xining city tourism revenue reached 7 billion 520 million yuan, accounted for the province’s tourism income of 60%, and the remaining 40% by 5A scenic Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Haidong, romantic style Haibei famous scenic spots sharing.

Xining has become Qinghai tourism center, is through three ways of aircraft, railway and highway in Qinghai first choice, facilities to eat live line travel, shopping and entertainment related Xining city is complete, especially the accommodation, tourism is preferred, so, in the tourism income, Xining prominent. In 2012, per capita spending, Xining tourists per capita spending index is 667 yuan, about 3 times the Haidong Prefecture, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, tourists per capita spending, is about 4 times than the Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture tourists spent 535 yuan per capita is much higher. read more