Xining Municipal Bureau of food and Drug Administration in conjunction with the replacement of a fre

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New Year’s Eve, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration jointly launched the Baiyun Mountain and yellow Chinese medicine for a month of free replacement of the activities of the crown. It is reported that this event will continue until the end of January 2008.

the free replacement of Radix Isatidis varieties: Radix Isatidis injection, in addition to domestic drug class size, health food shop outside; replacement conditions: ordinary family consumers per person for a product; the validity period has expired, the minimum package complete, if there are 5 packs per box to show the variety of small ticket purchase; if is Baiyun Mountain Banlangen Granule, one can replace the other (number), two of the same name brand products to replace Baiyun Mountain Banlangen Granule; replacement, manufacturers need ID number and contact the registration of consumers, for problems, timely contact with customers; prescription drugs need prescription replacement. read more

The first batch of public rental housing allocation yesterday

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The long-awaited 2014 Xining first allocation of public rental Yaohao ceremony was held on September 28th, from the four district housing tenants, low income households, through the computer Yaohao system, quickly won the 700 set of public rental lease qualifications. Part of the staff to obtain the qualifications of the lease in the wave of the day was happy to get the key. A machine community low household show fresh life more difficult, long renting, no heat, no water, life is very inconvenient, the access to public rental, she sincerely thank the government for their low income people in low-income housing in terms of priority. The allocation of more humane way of housing security in our city gradually changed from a single low-cost housing to public rental and other types of transformation, and to achieve the public rental housing and low-cost housing, two rooms merger. The first batch of this year allocated 700 units of public rental still adopts the advanced computer Yaohao way, but more humane in the form of distribution, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: one is to reflect the distribution principle of fairness and justice, to determine the distribution of scoring and ranking for order; two is for the convenience of the applicant living conditions. According to the voluntary choice of the way of piecewise partition and allocation of rent Yaohao, severe disability, physical mobility disability or blind personnel in multi-storey residential, in the absence of voluntary, rocking priority housing 1; three is the year of the public rental ratio also has adjusted the proportion the last assignment is 1:2, this year reached 1:1, to ensure that all tenants have a room to live. 700 units of public rental with rent what the city launched 700 units of public rental with rent for social, among them, 500 sets of high-rise residential district Ruihua, located in Nanchuan Road No. 139, the use of centralized heating; and the living area is 200 sets of multi-storey residential, is located in the Qaidam Road No. 135, using household heating, two small floor space, apartment layout compact layout, complete function, economical environment, green and beautiful, supporting facilities. The rent of public rental housing to implement differentiated the city rent in rent to implement differentiated rent collection methods, the rents for the district: Ruihua 10.5 yuan per square meter per month, and the living area 12.25 yuan per square meter per month. In order to improve affordable housing residential environment, at the same time according to the low-income people in affordable housing requirements, on the basis of full investigation, the public rental rent will implement differentiated treatment, namely: the minimum living family rent by the standard rent relief for 80% low-income families, according to the standard rent relief for 60%, rents are charged by the housing construction area.   read more

Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission attaches great importance to the military

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After the meeting to mobilize the city’s "military enterprises build a model village" activities, the city population and Family Planning Commission leaders attach importance to the grass-roots level, focusing on research, effective measures, work at the same time a good grasp of the total population in China, to do a good job with the East gap contact point unit of Zhenkang Datong County village twinning work as an important task, give full play to Department of advantages, and actively expand the helping ideas, and carry out twinning activitiesAfter the city of read more

Xining homeless minors rescue center officially opened

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In September 8th, Xining homeless minors rescue protection center formally opened, the center to build a harmonious society as the goal, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors wandering as the starting point and goal, according to local conditions, continue to explore the way of stray assistance and protection of minors, the formation of a good operation mechanism of each link from education to the rescue, escort.

Xining drainage network began a large physical examination

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rainy Road area of water, a lot of rain is caused by the sewer pipe blockage. In order to ensure that the rainy season when the city can safely pass the flood season, starting in March 19th, Xining drainage company Drainage Management Department of the city’s drainage facilities for cleaning.

in recent years, more and more street shops, many restaurants to swill into the manhole will contain a lot of oil, resulting in drainage pipeline near the sediment especially serious. At the same time, people free to garbage thrown into the sewage wells and water wells, adds strength to the dredging work, an important reason for a large number of construction waste is blocked pipeline. The reporter saw, dredging personnel everywhere from rain wells up a pile of black mud, which mixed with plastic bags, leaves and other junk. It is understood that the Xining municipal drainage company is responsible for the city’s nearly more than 30 thousand sewage wells and water wells dredging work, the whole work is about to spend about 100 days. (author: Tang Rong)
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Xining set up 13 working groups to promote the creation of the city

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For the further implementation of the Xining city to create a national civilized city will promote the work and create operations of the arrangements for the spirit of the meeting, to accelerate the Xining city to create a national civilized city work orderly, the morning of November 20th, held in Xining city to create work in Action Conference, Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng to create a specific task action 13 a working group established the re arrangement and deployment.

The advertising language can be considered from three aspects

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since it is necessary to carry out promotional activities, naturally also need to have advertising language. However, this advertisement can be how to write, but it bothers a lot of people. In fact, when we are in the design of promotional advertising language, a simple emphasis on discounts and bargain for savvy consumers, already can not afford any immune effect. So, how can we design a transfer of consumers interested in advertising? Xiao Bian believes that you can stand in the consumer’s perspective, starting from the following three questions. read more

Qinghai million tons of polymetallic ore development base initially formed

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reporter recently learned that in 2014, Qinghai completed an annual survey of investment 2 billion 777 million yuan, the implementation of various geological prospecting projects in 703, and made a number of new prospecting achievements, the development base of tens of millions of tons of polymetallic ore initially formed. Zhu Xiaochuan, deputy director of the
"with integrated explorationarea resources to further expand the colorful lead-zinc resources reached 1 million 540 thousand tons, the lead-zinc resources reached 7 million tons, Wulonggou gold resources reached 123 tons, the development base of tens of millions of tons of polymetallic ore initially formed." Zhu Xiaochuan said, at the same time, in the Altun Mountains, Qi and other places, were found in the national strategic resources crystalline graphite, the preliminary forecast can submit more than 2 million tons of crystalline graphite.

"resource that the estimated value of more than 400 billion yuan." Zhu Xiaochuan said that in 2015, Qinghai will adhere to the premise of ecological protection first, continue to promote the strategic breakthrough prospecting action, and strive to complete the geological prospecting investment of more than 2 billion yuan.

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Shenzhen fair show Qinghai Charm

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Reporters learned from the provincial culture and press and publication department, in May 15th, the Tenth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Shenzhen Fair) opened in Shenzhen. To participate in the current Shenzhen fair cultural enterprises in our province to rich and colorful, unique charm of the national folk cultural products, to the guests at home and abroad to show the great beauty of Qinghai distinctive cultural charm.

since 2008, the province has 8 consecutive years to participate in Shenzhen fair. I organized the province’s cultural enterprises with the characteristics of cultural products, to display transactions through the Shenzhen fair platform, the cultural enterprises in our province to broaden their horizons, to find business opportunities and partners to further expand our province characteristics of cultural products market space, increase the benefit of the enterprise culture, effectively promoted the rapid development of our province the characteristics of the cultural industry, effectively boosting the construction of cultural province. Shenzhen fair 25 cultural enterprises in our province organizations to participate in the exhibition this year, the exhibition area of 200 square meters, there are 8 major categories of more than 6 thousand varieties of exhibits, hand-painted Thangka, filigree, Duitou, Kunlun jade, the Yellow River stone art painting etc.. By the province of Chinese arts and crafts masters, Qinghai folk arts and crafts, national and provincial intangible cultural heritage project representative inheritors of the field performance. Our province is also focused on the promotion of special cultural industry investment projects. The Shenzhen Fair will end on May 19th. read more

Two departments to carry out safety inspections of fireworks

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The Spring Festival is approaching, but also to the fireworks sales season, for the effective prevention of fireworks caused various types of accidents, from the recent City Safety Supervision Bureau will jointly Municipal Public Security Bureau of the city’s 158 engaged in fireworks sales outlets for safety inspection, to ensure that people can buy fireworks qualified.It is reported that the

, inspection will be focused on the points of sale of fireworks is required to set the fire fighting equipment, the existence of illegal sales of fireworks business behavior, store whether to set the safety evacuation channel, whether to establish and improve fire safety management system, whether the norms set up warning signs and protective devices for safety hazards investigation. The afternoon of January 29th, the City Administration held inspections in the province of sundry products limited liability company early mobilization, from the city of four district 90 retail business representatives attended the meeting, will be listed on Public Security Bureau police detachment police informed the typical cases in two causes of sales and transport of false smoke fireworks and sentenced, according to last year the city police, confiscated 8225 illegal fireworks. read more

The second half of higher education self study exam in September 1st began to register

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In August 29th, the reporter learned from the provincial admissions, the second half of 2012, our province higher education self-study exam registration work started from September 1st to September 10th. Candidates to the state, city, city and county admissions office registration. October 20th, 21 exams.

for the first time the provincial admissions requirements, applicants should have identity cards (not to apply for identity cards to the public security organs should be age proof with "ID number"), military to military ID card and recently with the bottom plate half an inch bareheaded glossy color photo two, in terms of the application period, by the applicants to the designated place for registration. Documents are not uniform, photos do not meet the requirements, do not apply. The new candidates should also be required to fill out the "Qinghai higher education self-study exam candidates registration form" in two copies, shall not ask others to fill. read more

The children’s hospital entrance road early peak suffocated

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"Republic road daily traffic jam, vehicle luantingluanfang." October 19th 11 am, the public Mr. Zhu call the West Sea Metropolis Daily reporter, said the South Road, Qinghai Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the entrance of the road traffic jam.

A on the roadside waiting to enter the hospital, the driver said, he went to the hospital to see the patient, the hospital parking is full, can only have a car, then go in, otherwise there is no nearby parking lot. Reporters saw at the hospital door, four or five traffic police are directing traffic in this section.
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The future can be a mobile phone swipe card

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phone in addition to used to call, send text messages, Internet access can do? Bus IC card recharge point, waiting for the team came out a few meters away, how worried? Bus ride encounter disputes, the responsibility is difficult to identify, how to solve?

in the future, these problems will be smoothly done or easily solved with the Xining bus, promote technological innovation, using a mobile phone in the bank self-service travel card, recharge IC card, car of new technology of video real-time monitoring will be gradually put into use in the provincial capital of the bus. read more

Steady growth in the enterprise to help adjust the structure of the activities in the region to crea

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To help companies build files, build small and micro enterprise financing platform, the establishment of the working group QQ group…… In the thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment in our province in various areas and various working groups according to their own actual, bold and innovative ways of working, working in more than two months of practice time, summed up a lot of good experiences and good practices.

CDB micro loan: open up small and micro enterprises to large banks financing channel read more

The province’s mass spiritual civilization to create an exchange of experience will be held in Xinin

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In August 26th, the province’s mass spiritual civilization exchange of experience will be held in Xining, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister, provincial civilized appoint director Zhang Ximing speech, provincial vice governor, provincial civilized appoint vice director Han Jianhua attended the meeting.

Xining to support the development of small and micro enterprises this year focusing on supporting 5

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in Qinghai province and the country to support the development of Small and micro businesses of various policy measures have been introduced, Xining city "on the support for the development of small and micro enterprises to carry out an opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") is also introduced, benefiting Xining city nearly million Small and micro businesses. It is reported that the views of the 12th Five-Year period, the number of small and micro enterprises in Xining strive to grow at an average annual rate of more than 1000, an average annual growth of more than 10% operating income, the number of employees an average annual growth of more than 10%. In the second half of this year, Xining will determine the growth of 500 small and micro enterprises focus on support. By 2015, and strive to build a number of small and micro enterprises incubator base, the development of a number of small and micro enterprises to grow, cultivate a team of entrepreneurs, and strive to reach more than 150 small and micro enterprises to medium-sized enterprise standards. (author: Zhou Jianping)
related news. read more

Xining local tax taxpayer family QQ group formally launched

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Recently, the Xining local tax system "home of the taxpayer QQ group" officially launched operation, the system uses QQ as a platform to provide online tax service tax policy consulting, tax process guidance, tax information inquiry, complaints to the taxpayers reporting acceptance, collect opinions and suggestions, tax reminders and other forms, the full range of

recently, Xining local tax system "home of the taxpayer QQ group" officially launched operation, the system uses QQ as a platform to provide online tax service tax policy consulting, tax process guidance, tax information inquiry, complaints to the taxpayers reporting acceptance, collect opinions and suggestions, tax reminders and other forms, the full range of. read more

Xining was founded in the first test of the Committee

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In order to reflect the fairness and justice of the test in Xining, as well as sunshine recruitment, this year, Xining was established in the first test committee. Then, composed of discipline, teacher representatives, deputies, representatives of parents of the members of the committee will be in Xining City, senior high school entrance examination examination, online marking process, students are an important part of the interview examination, inspection supervision. This reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education in June 15th. read more

Xining comprehensive remediation of contaminated water into the city to promote ecological construct

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The construction of

intercepting sewer and drainage pipe network, governance Nanchuan River, Xichuan River, Beichuan River, management of sand resources, management and maintenance of drainage facilities in Xining City, the comprehensive management of pollution sources, promoting the construction of ecological city in the water into the city project.

plateau landscape garden city — this is the goal of Xining city construction. In order to be water in the city, the city became a reality in a beautiful picture of water ", Xining City, adhering to the" treat Ning strategy, water strategy of government "," strong flood, comprehensive pollution source, lead the water into the city. read more

Seminar on rules for the determination of the price of fire and property loss held in Xining

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Tianjin 8.12 explosion so that more people are concerned about the loss of fire and property prices identified. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission Price Certification Center held in Qinghai, "fire and property loss price determination rules" seminar. From 11 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in charge of price certification bodies and representatives attended the meeting.

the "rules" of the formulated specification will be for the future of national price levels of certification bodies to carry out fire damage to property price determination, unified operation methods and standards, and standardize the behavior of fire damage to property price confirmation, provide an institutional guarantee to improve scientific, reasonable and accurate fire damage to property price confirmation, the guaranteed price objective and fair conclusion.   read more