Jiang Pingzhong do Shanghai dragon to find eight of the chain method

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to create Blog in some high weight site, and enrich the content of the Blog, keep Blog content update, and then add a link to your site in Blog. Jiang Pingzhong here to remind the webmaster friends, don’t set up Blog immediately add a lot of links in the article, just completed the Blog Blog to be best loved Shanghai, grab the weight up, then slowly adding links in Blog, and adding a chain do not pile up too much, otherwise it will affect the chain of the weight reduce.

before we talked about the Shanghai dragon, Jiang Ping and we communicate mainly about two aspects of the content and the chain of Shanghai dragon. Of course, most of the current mainstream search engines, the quality and quantity of import links in the past, now even the future for a long period of time will have a significant impact on the ranking. Therefore, to establish a number of the chain as soon as possible is one of our most important work in the operation of Shanghai dragon. read more

Love Shanghai online website era original spark program

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the third stage is the support of all the original site, at the same time increase protocol label.

but for the original identification, Lu Songsong is not too optimistic about the Internet every day, Chinese produced ten million level ", if an article appeared in many websites, how to judge the original? Especially for contributors, contribute to the large article ranking will be significantly higher than their station ranked better. At present, such as Sina IT technology, Sohu news media have the original logo, and give high weight. read more

Keep the user browsing time to count every minute and second weight

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two, clever implementation of internal links

how to improve the quality of content, or starting from the search engine, what kind of content is more quality. First, the content should be highly original, that is the original. The so-called original is compiled, the one and only the content (it is, although sometimes it is the one and only the pseudo original and original content, but there is a qualitative difference, absolutely not original). Not only need the original, but also need to have the quality, the most basic words and grammar logic fluency should be guaranteed. Second, the content must be associated with the theme of the site. For example, users expect to see is the construction site of the article, but after clicking all the talk is found throughout the website promotion content, naturally can not attract users interest, continue to view it. read more

What the most afraid of the cold Small warm to your heart function optimization

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personalized custom menu this week has been optimized. Binding business platform will never have a conflict error problem, because code brother with a mysterious code to fix the problem calmly. Now, this function has been enjoying a carefree.


CMS of pig micro game share content is optimized. Fans in sharing games, sharing the title, description of the game and businesses set up the game content, maintaining a high degree of consistency. The optimal sharing function, help businesses to do micro marketing in the game, get better promotion effect. read more

How to put the site out of the love of Shanghai prison

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4, then if your site is not released from prison that love Shanghai, to do the chain work here must pay attention to and increase their relevance of the chain, to clear the other site is friendly to fall in love with the sea.

1, when your site is in love with the customs up after the home you have to do is to check your site outside the chain of resources, especially the Links, because exchange chain after a long time, some sites will appear, so every day to check the chain is very necessary. A site should be removed Links problems timely. read more

Love the sea Box Computing in requirement analysis summary

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Box Computing’s goal is to provide search services based on a one-stop search box for users. For example, when the user in the search box input "If You Are The One", the system can clear the query for TV program video, film and video, find reviews, participate in discussions and view news and other needs, then these different needs to the optimal allocation of resources or application of content processing, accurate and efficient to meet the end these results show to the user demand. Figure 1 shows the "box" on query "If You Are The One met". From the above analysis, we can see that the first step is to identify the Box Computing, a query which has the demand, which is the demand analysis to complete the task. read more

Two children search engine marketing Shanghai dragon and PPC

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was going to do Adsemer search marketing technology blog, office manager in certain network company, every day nine to five "mechanical cycle", it is time to let me have more time to concentrate on studying bidding technology, as is the Shanghai dragon origin, so in the actual operation for every hour and moment don’t feel many similarities between the two and the beauty of the


reasonable and smooth degree, the number of red to highlight the advantages to attract.


said some exchange PPC and Shanghai dragon next to the mainstream search engines love the sea, love Shanghai phoenix nest system bidding is a frequently used domestic PPC practitioners most PPC ad delivery system, we advertise in fact there are a lot of factors and links are interlinked with the Shanghai dragon. read more

Lin Haoming the A5 forum in Shanghai dragon edition revision details and rules

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third: shall publish the abuse and not civilization terminology, malicious attack others or enterprises and institutions of the post.

second: support the original (no less than 300 words and about Shanghai Longfeng experience view), meet the requirements of the original post can be allowed to put a link at the end (must be clear, can be recommended for typesetting) plus set-top essence.

in Lin Haoming blog, please keep the 贵族宝贝linhaoming贵族宝贝/post-111.html

fifth: poster, moderators will be transferred to the advertising section, and to post off treatment, has solved the problem would be to move to solve. read more

Note suitable for novice veteran Sitemap

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4 in the sitemap map produced when we encounter a situation, that is when we delete has been submitted to the Shanghai love page, often there will be 404 pages, the main reason for this phenomenon is also delete page without deleting the sitemap map URL parameters.

About the

2 in the dynamic page of the site, the URL sitemap parameter appears often mixed with some special symbols, such as mark, such as equality, the use of these symbols is not conducive to the production of sitemap map, so if your web page is not pure dynamic, so for some special symbols we can dispose of the special symbols change the way. read more

What makes the user on your site to say goodbye

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well, in front of no problem, find the user demand content, but the user must register to see, or just need to register to enter the website. This depends on whether your site is user registration, the registration is very troublesome, there is no absolute demand no one will fill in the form.

Not only do

a wood Shanghai dragon is not love, audio and video can have, this is no problem, but when you want to allow the user when the don’t want to turn off the audio. If you force users to use audio or video, which is equivalent to the user, or listen to or go. read more

Shanghai Longfeng strategy website structure optimization

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some factors affecting Shanghai dragon ranking, website structure is one of the main factors, I combined with his years of Shanghai Longfeng practice today, to optimize the structure of the website can bring us benefits:

5, the internal anchor text control: optimize the structure of the website, we can reasonable the anchor text layout on the page and the anchor text is more important keywords ranking factors in. So try to choose keywords strong correlation when anchor text.


4, H1-H6, B, the use of labels: STRONG, ALT, TITLE label design, the importance of website structure optimization we can make content through the label, each page H1 tag appears only once, the reasonable use of H2, H3, B, STRONG, ALT tags. read more

Quick to promote the necessary conditions for conversion analysis of enterprise website

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customer service service 4, reliable.

1, stable rank.

2, to provide quality products and services.

enterprise website mostly do products, two users for another big demand for products is the product of the customer service service, even if the product is very good, then the user is satisfied, if the customer service service is not very good, so the user does not give up in the purchase, the loss of a transformation of customers. In the fierce competition in the market, the biggest strategy is that the quality of service, quality of service will have a better user experience, thus increasing the conversion rate. read more

Some knowledge of Shanghai dragon white hat and black hat

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black hat black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, white Shanghai dragon is the same, on a normal commercial website and most personal website, good content, normal optimization, focus on the user experience, it is the road to success.

I think no matter is white or black hat, all have its desirable place, according to the site situation analysis. As the electronic commerce website for talent network recruitment network that mainly rely on the network for marketing, the stability of the site is very important, the need to achieve the optimization effect by means of white hat. The white hat Shanghai dragon is concerned about the long-term interests. The white hat Shanghai dragon takes a long time to insist on the website of the website frame, keywords, website content, outside the chain, in strict accordance with the rules of search engine to achieve a reasonable optimization to improve the user experience, reasonable interconnection with other websites. At the same time, the website content updated continuously. Although the optimization time is long, slow, but to ensure the website to show the effect and increase the weight, rankings and other aspects of the growth rate of the stable, which is not a floating, can be very good to attract traffic, do not worry because the website of Shanghai Longfeng illegal operation was right down. read more

The future development prospects of Shanghai Dragon

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website is now more and more advantages, also it is very difficult to distinguish, the search engine is the best job feedback information to the user. Therefore, I think that as long as the search engine, then, Shanghai dragon has the value of existence, Shanghai dragon lies to the perfect user experience. (original article reprint, please specify: reprint 80 webmaster Shanghai dragon home www.80admin贵族宝贝

my view is that no matter how the search engine algorithm changes, but as the search is designed to allow more users to search needs, the fundamental point is unchanged, Shanghai dragon role will not change. read more

The differences between the web site keywords ranking key management to achieve high quality

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bidding promotion

two, according to the Shanghai love words to divide the

three, according to different majors and different name >

different sites have different focus, and most of the owners in the choice of keywords will choose the industry with a relatively high degree of search words, and these words will not be able to choose all the choices, we must learn to distinguish. For example, the word "lose weight", a lot of hot words are associated with weight loss, let us look at the relevant keywords read more

The audience is the core factor of website ranking

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addresses the needs of the user site usually ranking are good, and the network users billions of people to meet the site the user is always a minority. The site is not possible because of the needs of minorities and destroy the needs of the majority of people, so I think that address the needs of users to the website ranking, but also not the decisive factor.

user experience is the main direction of the work of the algorithm change after website Shanghai dragon Er, because we know a good user experience of the website ranking promotion effect, which is why website ranking. However, I do not think it is the most core factor, we may wish to look at the search engine ranking results, a lot of top-ranking website the user experience is not very good, so the author’s opinion, the user experience is a key factor to affect the site ranking rather than the core factor. read more

Shanghai dragon and network promotion is a high or a combination of

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Shanghai dragon

network is to promote the use of the Internet for promotional activities. Can be targeted to promote products, enterprises, governments and individuals. According to the relevant data show that 2009 Chinese survey 93% of companies had tried to promote the network, while the developed countries only 16% in foreign enterprises. The study says the Internet is still in its infancy Chinese.

from this situation, our Shanghai dragon is perfect and we network promotion together. The construction site, at the same time, Shanghai dragon website optimization into, any industry website, any location site pre proposal to put Shanghai Dragon Investment Optimization, is very small, but a great return. Later website operation, we use various means of promoting the network to achieve our goal, we make the station as soon as possible as we. read more

The chain construction site plan

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Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


The construction site of

chain is an important factor of website optimization ranking, due to the construction of the chain requires not only the quantity, quality, and related site outside the chain is not only conducive to the search engine to crawl web pages to enhance keyword ranking, secondly it is also a lot of website content update, but snapshot update cycle stability. The website construction of the chain strategic plan is essential in website optimization, how to implement good site outside the chain construction plan read more

The details of the user experience of the website analysis of fiction

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title page design


screenshotThe navigation part screenshot The main part of

to compare two novel sites, you will find some similar plate design, such as: author, mobile phone reading client, because the navigation part is too long I will not screenshots. Analysis of fiction website user groups, those readers who love to read novels, the most concern is most in need of what kind of website? First, many long term novel fans have to write their own impulses, it is actually very easy to understand, because the stone had more love to see suspense novel. Wrote some short stories. A novel kind of website to firmly grasp the user’s heart to the psychological analysis of users, second mobile phone client, in fact many novel fans have read the novel by mobile phone, use the computer to read novels really not much, because we all love reading novels in the car spare time. If you cannot use mobile phone access to the website, you will certainly lose a lot of users. read more

The first page Links plus website page anchor text combination analysis

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(blog Chinese stationmaster net on this site is owned by a total of 6000 of the

1. through the two level domain name page do friends chain:

analysis of three examples: the first is the famous brand, we use it to provide the chain analysis tools, as well as mailbox.

: a case analysis to our webmaster network Links, whether there is the point above.

analysis of two examples: 1. of the weight of this website is 8 is a well-known brand (I believe you have been useful it’s products, without the use of blog is also useful to the mailbox, his two domain name page put a China webmaster Links) (home) read more