The site was down the right of the love of Shanghai may have been what

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: the first More haste, less speed. over optimization problems of

do not know why suddenly found the site suddenly disappeared today, a web page ranking are not, this website format for a year what problems are not continuous, ranked in the top 3, lasted more than three months, before a few sites are doing cross links, and always well, but one of the top five industries lost three sites, 3 sites are not likely to cheat or excessive optimization?? what is a good solution for

webmaster own website has been in the front of peers suddenly returned to the rank before liberation, everything again, as you walk with the game, take traffic for a start! Peer chasing you, later because the car broke down or a bad or other factors that you failed in the match even rival car taillights you will not see it, this is not no chance, that is to fix it, and then on the road, I took the game to describe, to site is down right is not no chance the problem, as long as you find the right from where, then you can slowly back an antidote against the disease, perhaps better, so some webmaster because their website was suddenly gone right down to the stand of this confidence. Kind of wrong, the mentality is very important, the site is down right can be said to be a very normal thing, often walk by the river which can not wet feet, maintain a good attitude is good, then we look at the users what problems encountered, then the Shanghai dragon city. Then suggested several solutions. read more

Discussion on the use of search engines to identify JS black hat Shanghai Dragon

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!This paper consists of > The full name of JS

Javascript, is a computer scripting language, mainly to explain the implementation of the client browser, Javascript language can be embedded in the HTML file, can respond to users’ demand event without any network transmission data back and forth. So when a user input data, it can directly by the client application process. Interested friends can refer to the Shanghai encyclopedia interpretation of love.


recently in Fuqing Shanghai dragon saw many websites use black hat techniques, mainly the use of spiders can’t identify good JS files and loopholes. read more

Do the analysis of competitors to let you optimize Shanghai Longfeng multiplier

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The analysis of

is the last optimization analysis of internal

all of the above is a person of dragon and Phoenix optimization competitors some routine analysis in Shanghai, if you have a better method of webmaster, can discuss.

The analysis of

3, the PR value of the site, this not only to analyze the competitor’s website PR to the analysis of his reverse link PR and Links pr.

competition websiteThe optimization of

(Shenzhen private detective 贵族宝贝hua>

1, on the site of the amount collected, included a website can determine competitors every day is what time to update the article, update and so on. So we have to do is also the competitor analysis site is currently included in the total. Check competitors, recently a day, a week is included and so on. These general query tools can query. read more

How to face the new changes of Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai real time search algorithm

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as long as the search engine users can feel the convenience of personalized search. In addition to the new technology of search engine, users in the search habits are changing, for example, before looking for the game, only to fall in love with the sea in search of "game", may search "4399 games now". The user’s personal experience.

(Real Time Search) real-time search is short for some information on the Internet, instant search, to achieve instant results. The so-called "real time" is actually a kind of people for the good wishes of real-time access to information, real-time implementation by trying we can be infinitely close to the search. At present, many people are aware of the importance of real-time search. The current implementation of the major search engines are dedicated to real-time search. The network environment will become more and more real-time, as long as the network technology, real time will continue to develop. read more

Make your website is K quickly back to life

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1, the site was K, check the website quickly.

2, attitude adjustment, re search engine to give a sense of trust.


to update the original content, will more search to the search engine’s favor. The amount of writing according to the usual frequency of updates, to deal with common heart.

personally think that search engines crawl the site will always be to judge the angle to grasp. Intelligent search engine spiders when crawling page also has been gradually more humanized, many webmaster optimized to their site will usually collect, copy, update the website of reduplicated words interspersed with anchor text and other forms, and this is contrary to the rules of search engine, the greedy to another you need to be punished is labor, the quality determines the level of an important indicator of your own website is a solid foundation. The Nobel website is K, first is to solve their own website optimization is excessive, delete and modify some over before modification, the spider crawling to give a very important opportunity. read more

The site of Shanghai Longfeng in four external unfavorable factors

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when we do optimization pay more attention to their reasonable optimization techniques, as much as possible by some means, do not rigidly adhere to a method, for example, if you love Shanghai on the blog article weight is reduced, it will rely on some blogs to do outside of the chain website has great influence the ranking will certainly fluctuate. So in peacetime must take precautions, every aspect should be done, so as to adjust the time in love can be calm in the face of the sea.

In fact, as long as read more

The micro blog era boom sentences micro blog marketing how

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has been the most widely spread fast, very high degree of concern. For example, micro-blog can boom is a wave pushed a wave, Zhen Huan body may have been forgotten, Fang Yuan has been bullying Gao Xiaosong and hide. A high wall, wide grain, bullying caused bullying body. Xiao Bian has search Zhen Huan body Sina micro-blog 1966194 micro-blog, 574 micro-blog Lisao body, Book of Songs body 18549 related micro-blog, Taobao style 739899 related micro-blog, Fang Yuan 45476 related micro-blog, bullying body 327699 related to micro-blog, from 17 to today 2 days related to bullying. The number of micro-blog is worth Zhen Huan body and Taobao style and Yuan Fang body. Why play rascal body so popular? Micro-blog marketing we have known but like bullying like popular, like Fang Yuan as lead to a public opinion by resonance, "Yuan Fang" questions of all sorts of "rather baffling" doubts, because of this we accept his identity. Micro-blog marketing how to start to make the majority of Internet users and resonate with read more

The new optimization how to solve the quality problems of content

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5, can not solve the needs of users: users search by keywords to see the title in, but the content of the page can not solve the problems and needs of the user search;

6, the homogenization of content: although it is original, but the meaning of the expression of a large number of already exist on the Internet, no new demand expansion;



4, advertising content can not be too much, much will affect the user’s normal reading.

?The new

4, stereotyped contents: direct reprint and collection content, love Shanghai has included a large number of similar articles, what is included in your read more

The small and medium sized enterprise own optimization is really good

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this may not be a network company mistake, however, to the enterprise, is absolutely the drawbacks, because the long tail word and a large number of marketing keywords have not been reflected, and the sites only focus on the 1-2 core keywords, a year later, the money spent thousands of 4,5, but the effect is not good, it is. Many customers are not interested in it next year, so here chubby suggested the enterprise selection method and core keywords with some long tail keywords, the effect is also good. read more

Website optimization is not imitation and plagiarism success is analysis on

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1, which comes from the analysis of user search engine, if it is love Shanghai search engine, then the second step analysis, analysis of user search which keywords or long tail word.

Why is

based data analysis website, especially focuses on the bounce rate of

tells the story of a website without a good user content of the site will bounce rate is too high, and this point will be about even with the site to meet the needs of users, will bounce rate is high, and the basic data of this site and is closely related to. We all know that the current movie website, website, literature and so on novel types of Web sites, most sites are living by pop-up ads, pop-up ads and the user experience will cause a great impact. read more

The website of Shanghai Longfeng avoid excessive optimization of the article and the chain

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Author: Zhang Shouzhi Zhang Shouzhi from Shanghai Phoenix blog, personal webmaster Shanghai dragon professional navigation www.>

, the quality of the chain. The appeal of the website, the website hits, the website user experience these will be reflected. The quality requirements of the original, the content of the novel, knowledge points clear, strong ability of


I was saying is not the best Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, the appropriate articles within the chain, and the chain can make your site for good optimization, don’t add links in the article, add a keyword far fetched. The search engine can also tell this sentence is not smooth, don’t put the search engine to silly, this is wrong, the search engine is constantly improved, to better serve the public, so that people get the most wanted page in the shortest time. We do well the quality, to the quality of the chain, what are appropriate to the law, and is the best Shanghai dragon read more

Website optimization to learn empathy to get high quality flow

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therefore, Shanghai is not only the optimization strategy of dragon and Phoenix every day staring at the keywords ranking and flow, follow the prescribed order release site content and exotic, simple check website background statistics. Website optimization to solve every day, afraid of Shanghai come to a standstill, algorithm changes lead to the drop site or drop right, which leads to the loss of jobs, you need to inject marketing ideas in the process of optimization, marketing to occupy the dominant position, the optimization is technically the auxiliary guiding role. read more

What about a competitor’s site worth analysis how to analyze

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second: This is the website structure, to see if know website optimization, if know, so structure must be very reasonable, if not, the search engine that we practice in cheating, then we will be appropriate adjustments, and the contrast is the open source cms and the independent development of the website, also able to explain some problems, one must have an advantage, we found that improved on the line.

: our first major search keywords, to see what the website ranking is up, here not say they are using what method, I want to do every day to go back to Shanghai dragon may observe your website, then keywords to the other peer website ranking also is needless to say, yes, we have they find out, I do not know the other peer website optimization is to observe how, in the first three pages of my basic station I could know them the day before about what position, at least the first two pages I can remember very clearly, if there is in the first page, I have the impression that by the way, before we count them in what position, so in the next step. Know the horse, then analysis them, we should find the ranking decline in the station, this is very valuable, if the two contrast, the results can be set. read more

The target keywords determine site optimization

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website right down Topics >

industry to seize the main keyword

special chain optimization:


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

! !Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


keyword is selected, on the basis of spreading auxiliary words. The webmaster can according to the love of Shanghai index. (is the following will display relevant keywords in the input keywords. ) these words can become our secondary key candidate, and then set himself a few words on the understanding of the industry are listed, a total of about 5-15, the last general screening, select 3-5 on the line, do not need too much, if you feel it difficult to choose, you can borrow the search volume index to assist Shanghai love key words. read more

The three stick is a harbinger of love Shanghai update next focus

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27 in the morning, I found that love Shanghai update and the emergence of new changes, we can see that in Shanghai there are a lot of love love home in Shanghai Post Bar Triple Paste, as shown below,

from the Shanghai love changes we can see, Post Bar is undoubtedly love Shanghai update next focus. The update changes love Shanghai in the future, we can Post Bar for promotion to do a detailed promotion plan. Therefore, how to do Post Bar become owners need to consider first. Wuhan Yao Jie Technology Co. Ltd. with years of experience Post Bar promotion, we summarize some of the following: read more

The mumayi mumayi communityntel turned data company the biggest data market in the future will be

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, director of China consulting firm GFK, Germany

in the past few years, Intel has been committed to the business restructuring, including networking, data center, games, car networking and UAV, now in the business revenue and profit have accounted for about half of the overall business. These emerging business growth has greatly exceeded the traditional PC business. Intel CEO division odd BrianKrzanich in the first quarter earnings release, had expected that this part of the business revenue this year will be two digit growth, the scale of about $30 billion. read more

Two 15 year olds start products use Reserverr instead of calendarThe importance of Wangzhuan tutoria

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"we want to make Reserverr a living calendar," Schwab says.

Schwab says it is developing a iOS application that allows users to better manage busy appointments, and new features include items between users and packet tracking queries. The two partners are committed to improving the performance of Reserverr, while studying hard at school, have applied for a series of universities in New York.

and other project tutorial here is not to say, is basically the same, in short, is Wangzhuan tutorial for beginners teacher, want to let more people to make money, you must do it, this is a very practical experience in read more

Webmaster friends how to find their own advertising allianceAnalysis of the operation strategy of Ta

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is the station group, so each site must correspond to a product category, if we have small stations, according to the class of Taobao points, if the station group has nearly 1000, then we can use a small class of Taobao points, and the keyword of the website is in accordance with the classification category name then, in the light of these Taobao keywords to find content, so it is basically the Taobao customer set up


it summit held 2011 annual figures, Ma and Robin Li and other giants gathered on the Internet trend, which makes many Taobao customers for sh419 Taobao customers whether the ban is full of expectations, of course Taobao customer promotion is not limited to sh419, also can achieve success through other marketing methods, but a sh419 this way of promotion, more confident that Taobao will run off, so now Taobao customers to be successful, can only through the Taobao customer industry refers to the way read more

Wangzhuan novice equipmentNew website alliance era opens future website alliance development

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personal online banking transaction rules,

"registration, certification, withdrawals – tutorials"

"relevant data and operation flow"

1 mailbox – basically each project station is registered when you need to use for activating accounts, etc., it is best to choose one of your commonly used mailbox, management is also convenient.

know Wangzhuan after you before you start to do the project, you should have the following equipment:

"view the website related information" read more

Yang Wenjian how do make 10000 a month twelveCheater website zzlink traffic expert is cheater web

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was a friend of my landing website registered to tell me when I ordered an advertising site poisoning inadvertently! Tell me what is the point of advertising, I do not believe, so oneself to the point, and the point after the 360 security guards on the tip: the page contains Trojans and malicious scripts, harm computer security! See Figure 2 "

positive luoti

different points: one is based on the luoti diagram, one is to look at the action based, luoti body chart as a supplement. Female body very positive luoti this thing is not logical, I think for a long time or not figured out why beauty is not ugly. And look at the female positive luoti body chart, that’s easy to figure out. He’s just looking at what the luoti map is. read more